Aloe Vera Is Great But Should You Use It When Infused With Intimate Hygiene Products? Experts Weigh In

aloe vera

We’re all well aware of the benefits of aloe vera. So it’s no surprise that aloe vera gels and other skincare products are dominating the market, especially in summers. People are also growing the plant at home and using fresh aloe on their skin because the benefits of this skin-loving ingredient . After all, it is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. 


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You’ll find so many aloe vera products today, ranging from gels and creams to even aloe vera infused clothing. The list goes on and on. But now, aloe vera has also entered the intimate and menstrual hygiene product market. Some promise you complete dryness, others claim to convert your vagina into a scented meadow, and now the new trend is to keep your skin down there hydrated and fresh with additions such as aloe vera. Recently, we came across aloe vera panty liners and intimate washes. And various questions popped in our head. Firstly, just like any other scented intimate hygiene products, should we bid adieu to this too? And even when it comes to the direct application of aloe vera, is it okay to use it on our vaginas? We talk to experts and find out. 

Aloe Vera As External Application On Intimate Areas

“Aloe Vera application as an intimate area wash or hygiene product is not advisable ideally, especially if you are using it in a concentrated form because it can lead to allergic contact dermatitis. This means it can lead to rashes, itching, burning sensation and give discomfort while passing urine. So never use it in your intimate area,” shares dermatologist Dr. Madhuri Agarwal. 

aloe vera

One must understand that the skin on your overall body differs from the vaginal skin. “When it comes to skin on your body, the skin is intact. It has a thick layer as a barrier and then you have other structures. Where as in the vagina it’s wet mucosa, which means it doesn’t have a protective layer. So the chances of irritation are much higher. It’s the same logic as not applying aloe vera in your eyes because it will burn you. So the same applies to your intimate area too,” she adds. 

Aloe Vera Infused Intimate Hygiene Products – Yay Or Nay?

Gynaecologist & Fertility Expert Dr. Yuvraj Jadeja says that we shouldn’t get carried away by fancy products as they might actually do more harm than good. “First we need to understand one thing, especially for all intimate and skin wellness products–if any of these products contain a scent or a fragrance in it, even aloe vera, it’s never natural. It always has chemicals and artificial substances added or infused, and adding chemicals or fragrance to one of the most sensitive area of the body is disaster waiting to happen. It has a potential to cause contact dermatitis, itching, rashes and other allergic reactions. People especially with dry and sensitive skin are more prone to such adverse reactions and should surly avoid,” he says.

Research Before Purchase

“The contents of feminine intimate products are quite unregulated, so don’t fall bait to the hoax of one natural product, and blind yourself and forget that it might simultaneously also contain other substances which are allergens, endocrine disruptors, reproductive toxins, parabens, phthalates, etc,” Dr. Yuvraj explains.

Ask any medical professional and they will ask you to follow a cardinal rule. “While buying any female hygiene products only choose natural but well researched, time tested and most importantly, evidence based medicated products, unscented and chemical free items that are made only for external use, remember none for internal use unless it is prescribed by your gynaecologist. Neither is your vagina meant to smell like vanilla nor is the vulvar skin meant to be as white as milk or have have a mirror finish texture,” he adds.

aloe vera

What About An Aloe Vera Wash?

It’s a no no. “Remember the best way to clean your intimate area, pubic hair or vulva is with simple soap and lukewarm water (again unscented) twice a day, and absolutely nothing inside your vagina. It’s a self cleansing organ. We have seen a lot of people develop allergic reaction to natural plant based products, alovera as well, so always ear with caution while resorting to DIY hacks on intimate and sensitive parts of your body,” Dr. Yuvraj concludes.

aloe vera

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