Sexual Wellness In 2023 Promises You Exploration, Liberation And Lots Of Spiciness

Sexual wellness

Over the past few years, the conversations around sexual wellness have begun to take centre stage, and it’s about damn time. When it comes to wellness, we’ve been focusing on mental and emotional wellness, and rightfully so. But, sexual wellness is an afterthought, if a thought at all. Luckily for us, individuals are slowly but surely embracing the world of masturbation, kinks and butt play amongst other things. I knew this when I’d spark a conversation around butt plugs and be greeted with intrigue as opposed to disgust.

In 2023, sexual wellness is going to be spearheaded by beliefs of liberation and open-mindedness. These beliefs will be the sole reason for a lot of sex lives being reignited with a fiery passion. As someone who’s never shied away from embracing her sexual side, watching sexual wellness gain momentum is a thrilling feeling. Here are a few aspects of sexual wellness that will make it big in 2023.

Clitoral Stimulation

We’ve relied on penetrative stimulation to help us orgasm for far too long, whether we’re talking about heteronormative sex, or having some fun with our trusted toys. But clitoral stimulation is the secret to quivering hands, clenched fists and a massive rush of endorphins. Just like the penis, the clitoris plays home to a large number of nerves which are responsible for reacting to stimulation. Slowly shifting away from penetrative activities allows us to receive pleasure from other parts of the body, in this case—the clitoris. Apart from engaging in oral sex, sex toys which offer suction and pulsating modes are your trusted companions.

Anal Masturbation

If I’m glad about anything getting the centre stage, it’s some good ol’ butt play. This year is all about letting your inhibitions go and exploring the unexplored, and what’s better than having some fun with your derriere? While the thought of it can seem icky or daunting to most, anal pleasure holds the key to stepping away from the conventional. The easiest way to engage in this is by taking it slow and beginning with some water-based lube and your fingers. Once your body is a little warmed up to it, you can introduce butt plugs and anal beads to take things up a notch.

Praise Kinks


Everyone gets a little red in the cheeks when someone compliments them, especially when that compliment comes from someone special. But when a compliment gets you weak in the knees, slightly turning you on— you’ve got a praise kink! Since affirmations are everywhere lately, the praise kink is finding its way to more bedrooms than usual. When your partner tells you how much they’re enjoying a particular sexual activity or even when they compliment you on how great you look while performing a sexual activity can often result in sexual arousal. Who doesn’t enjoy some reassurance from time to time? Praise kinks are a great way to ensure that emotional and physical intimacy is at its peak.



Before I dipped into the waters of menstrubation, I’d always rely on my trusted painkillers and my hot water bag to give me some relief from excruciating menstrual pain. While the internet has divided opinions on engaging in sexual activity whilst you’re menstruating, I’m all for it. A study conducted by Womanizer, a sexual wellness company and Lunette, a menstrual cup brand revealed that almost 90% of the women who participated in the study recommended masturbation to deal with period pain. With taboos around masturbation being eased, menstrubation is increasingly becoming popular.

Sexual Mindfulness

The art of being mindful has helped those engaging in it attain a certain level of mental peace. Now, when mindfulness is applied to sexual activities, it results in a transcendental experience. By intentionally choosing to focus on allowing your body to feel pleasure instead of following a goal-oriented approach, sexual mindfulness aims to make the journey of having sex a holistic one. Being mindful in any sexual activity ensures you are wholly present in that moment, resulting in a higher level of intimacy and pleasure.

Tech-Driven Sex Toys


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Sex toys have been around for a while, and we’ve enjoyed playing around with them — vibrators, butt plugs and strap-ons being my personal favourites! With individuals embracing masturbation in all of its glory, sexual wellness firms have been expanding their avenues and creating sex toys that push the boundaries of pleasure. Remote-controlled vibrators and suction-based toys are having a hot moment right now with their ability to spice up sex lives by using technology to deliver the ultimate level of arousal to you.

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