Edging And Erotica Are About To Take The Steaminess Up A Notch In Sexual Wellness This Year

There has been a slow but consistent and positive shift in our attitude towards sexual wellness. We’ve come a long from having hushed conversations about sex behind closed doors to speaking about it in the open, unabashedly. In 2023, we saw the praise kink get centre stage along with sex toys using technological advancements to expand the avenues of pleasure. We also finally stopped shying away from butt play and gave clitoral stimulation the attention it rightfully deserves. This year, sexual wellness will be seeing people reach out to erotic literature, embrace swallowing and a lot more. Here are the aspects of sexual wellness that must become a part of active discussion this year.

A holistic approach to sex

Since sexual wellness is extremely intertwined with emotional and mental wellness, in 2024 we will be seeing a rise in approaching sex holistically. Often we forget that sex displays our vulnerabilities and requires us to be intimate in more ways than one. Emphasising communication, defining boundaries and practising aftercare regardless of the dynamic of the sexual relationship is how one can embrace a holistic approach to sex. When you go beyond the obvious physical aspects of sex, intimacy is improved which further allows you to explore your sexual fantasies healthily.

Rise in erotic literature

Witnessing erotica get its due is quite a thrilling feeling. This year erotic visuals will take a backseat and erotic literature will find itself everywhere. I embraced my sexual side with old Mills and Boons novels and slowly graduated to steamier choices. With erotica, your imagination can run wild in multiple directions by giving you the freedom to visualise the characters and how the plot plays out. With literature, brushing up on your dirty talk is also a breeze.

The act of edging


The only thing better than having an orgasm is having a toe-curling one and edging is an activity that will promise you that. It is the act of prolonging your orgasm in a way that increases your sexual arousal. Gone are the days of quickies, taking more time with your orgasms by being more mindful of pleasure with edging is how intimacy can be heightened. This is practised by arousing yourself or your partner to the brink of climax and then immediately pausing. Not only does edging help you recognise your patterns of arousal but it also promises you a pulsating orgasm.



Despite there being so many reservations about threesomes, there’s no denying that they can teach you quite a lesson on pleasure and boundaries. A study conducted by Dr Justin Lehmiller for his book revealed that over 95% of men and 85% of women fantasise about being a part of a threesome. Threesomes help one explore newer dynamics while creating an open dialogue for desire. By partaking in it, you can let go of preconceived notions of pleasure and discover what you truly enjoy doing in the bedroom.

Humiliation Kink


Just like Roman Roy enjoyed being berated by Gerry, to the point where it made him masturbate— a lot of others do too. Humiliation kink is an exciting way to explore power dynamics in a sexual relationship. It allows one to let go of existing roles in a relationship by tapping into a power play and seeing a certain side of your partner you’ve never seen before. Using derogatory words and terms to refer to your partner, with enthusiastic consent is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom.


Sexual wellness

Shallowing is the act of slowly stimulating the entrance of the vagina to heighten sexual pleasure. Not only does it make pleasure with your partner more intense but it also does the same for pleasure with yourself. It creates anticipation about being inside your partner or yourself, turning you on more than usual and enhancing your sexual experience.

- Beauty Writer


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