Shankara Is Setting A New Bar For All-Natural Products

There has been a steep rise in consumer awareness in the past decade, forcing brands to be more responsible and transparent about their products. The fact is most evident in the beauty industry as buyers now do a thorough label-check of products before applying anything on their skin. So, to keep up with an ever-evolving consumer base, quality and effectiveness have become the need of the hour. This makes Shankara Naturals one of the most exciting brand stories out there in the market today. Its 100% all-natural product range combines Ayurveda with Western Actives to cut through the unauthentic natural clutter and deliver potent results. 

Why We Need More Transparency In Beauty

Before we get into the brand story itself, let’s take a look at the market gap that inspired its inception – 

‘All-natural’ has been a buzzword in the beauty industry for the past decade. Numerous brands fall under that umbrella term. Quite a few brands do ardently follow the rules and regulations when it comes to all-natural ingredients. But it is no secret that the majority of the players in the organic beauty game use synthetic ingredients. 

Lack of transparency in beauty products can have a lot of implications. For starters, synthetic additives can get absorbed into the skin. They are considered irritants, and long-term use can lead to blocked pores, inflammation, and heightened skin sensitivity. This defeats the purpose of going all-natural with your routine because if the ingredients are not safe, the products will do more harm than good. Some of the indicators of misleading ‘natural’ claims you need to watch out for are-

1. Synthetic fragrances – If products have a strong scent attached to them that never seems to alter, chances are there are a few artificial ingredients in their formulation. The fragrance of genuinely natural products come directly from the ingredients and may not be consistent over a long period.

2. Artificial dyes – Like synthetic fragrances, artificial dyes are also added to products to make them aesthetically appealing. If the product’s colour and texture remain the same over time, it is not an all-natural formulation. 

3. Preservative additives – If the ingredient list is long and arduous, with mentions of ingredients like parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, etc., the product in the package is not 100% natural.

What Sets Shankara’s All-Natural Range Apart

Shankara is one of the few brands out there that have weight in their all-natural claim. The brand’s creators believe in maintaining a wholesome approach to beauty. The range has been conceptualised by meditators who have focused on creating beauty products with a healing touch. It consists of all-natural products derived through ayurvedic formulations and unique blends of native ingredients. Using a bifurcation of Vata (dry skin), Pitta (normal, combination or sensitive skin), and Kapha (oily skin), their mixes are concentrated accordingly. Herbs like shatavari, haritaki, uva ursi and arjuna leaf heighten the Ayurvedic healing and beautifying powers of the products.

Shankara’s products consist of oils and naturally sourced herbs that aid skin health, following a personalised approach for each skin type. Luxurious and exotic ingredients like sandalwood essential oil, borage seed oil, foraha (organic tamanu) oil, goldenseal root, marigold essential oil, chamae rose, hyssop oil and aspen bark extract elevate products’ efficiency and overall experience of usage. Functional ingredients, the ones that actually trigger changes in your skin, are prioritised over base ingredients. We love this idea of getting rid of unnecessary baggage in skincare!  

Why Shankara’s Approach To ‘Natural’ Works

Shankara formulations are created by combining cold-processed active ingredients with highly therapeutic essential oils. The formulas work with the skin to enhance its authentic beauty rather than “fix” anything. From deep cleanse facial ubtans to highly nourishing lip oils, the brand boasts of an impressive range that focuses on delivering results. 

Boasting an impressive and trendy list of ingredients like alpha-lipoic acid, CoQ10, d-panthenol, gotu kola (Centella Asiatica), squalane, and kukui nut oil in their formulations, Shankara goes beyond just expert skin maintenance; it is trendy as well! The skincare range addresses various skin issues – micro-exfoliation to delivery of potent antioxidants, depigmenting and barrier-building action – you name it, they have a product solution for it.

The transformative powers of the products are further enhanced by using highly concentrated essential oils in pH balanced formulations to preserve the skin’s integrity and natural moisture barrier. 

Shankara’s vision of setting new standards for natural skincare is indeed promising. A market analysis will tell you that their advanced techniques and ingredients are ahead of their time. And we are glad that their processes are elevated – even natural ingredients need the proper methods to get the most out of them. Plus, the natural product fragrance is to die for, making them an absolute treat for the senses!


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