Shivan & Narresh On Their Jewellery Collaboration With Aulerth Titled ‘Numisma’


Fashion collaborations, beauty collaborations- it’s the season of stepping out of you comfort zone and working with brands that share your ethos.

And while we enjoy most of them because of how interesting they are, certain collaborations manage to tug at our heartstrings & spark an otherwise dormant interest. Enter the recent jewellery collaboration between creative powerhouses Shivan & Narresh X Aulerth titled ‘Numisma.’

About The Collection:

Termed an insignia of modern classics, the jewellery line takes inspiration from coins, hence the name ‘numisma’ – a Latin term that can be lexically traced back to ‘numismatics’ i.e. the study/collection of coins. Rooted in childhood nostalgia from when the designer duo’s mothers would deck their necks with coin jewellery, the collection is also a nod to Indians & their penchant for collecting coins since days beyond recall.

The jewellery collection boasts of a contemporary look making whilst being Indian at heart. Given the mélange of aesthetics, the striking pieces can serve as a worthy proponent for either a cocktail evening or a destination wedding on the coast.

Shivan & Narresh on the jewellery line, in conversation with ELLE India:

ELLE: Having cemented their roots in the resort-wear segment, what is Shivan & Narresh’s driving factor to venture into the jewellery arena?

S&N: Right from the inception, Shivan & Narresh has always done jewellery as a segment because we truly see our Shivan & Narresh woman in a very glamorous way. Whether she’s on holiday or on a destination wedding, this look is not complete without jewellery. So it’s been a very important segment for us right from the beginning.

We used to make jewellery on leather as a base. And in the last decade, we’ve actually now graduated to working with metal and which is why this latest jewellery offering cements that and just widens our offering of the kind of jewellery that we’ve been doing with Shivan & Narresh over the past decade.

What you see now is actually a very bold, a very decadent and a very contemporary way of defining what a Shivan & Narresh woman looks like when she’s traveling for any reason, could be a celebration and it could be a holiday.

Speaking about the collection, Mr. Vivek Ramabhadran, Founder & CEO of Aulerth said, “We are thrilled to announce Aulerth’s latest partnership with Shivan & Narresh & their signature style while being meticulous in its engineering and craftsmanship, which is Aulerth’s hallmark.”

Founded in just 2021, Aulerth is a one-of-its-kind jewelry design house, iterating the importance of consciously made pieces. With craftsmanship that’s high on design & a process that aims to of minimize environmental footprint, Aulerth has been spearheading a positive shift in the industry.

ELLE: How does this collaboration with Aulerth tie back to Shivan & Narresh’s core ethos?

S&N: With both the companies, they really believe in giving and offering a bold and great quality product. One which has sustainability at its heart, even with Shivan & Narresh our entire swimwear category is 98% sustainable because we use only ocean waste fabric.

And even with Aulerth that is an added score – this entire jewellery line that is designed by us and engineered by them, is completely sustainable. So we’ve actually not mined any metal, for example, brass for this jewellery. It’s all recycled metal, first of all, which has been then coated with gold.

So really the heart is sustainable, but the body is bold and is contemporary and it’s what truly a jewellery from an international perspective comes out of India – one that you can pair with your western classics as much as what you can wear with your Indian celebration wear, and one that survives in the wardrobe for a much longer period of time.

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- Digital Fashion Writer


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