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A new makeup trend is making the rounds, and if you tend to cock a snook at trends, turning your nose up at reels that tell you what’s in the makeup world, well allow us to introduce you to this trend. An elongated and sultry eye makeup look that will help you embrace your sexy dark side. ‘Siren eyes’ are the season’s trend, according to every makeup artist and content creator on social media. According to Greek mythology, sirens are attractive sea songstresses whose songs would lure sailors to their deaths. A siren in the modern day is interpreted as ‘an alluring and fascinating woman who is also considered dangerous in some ways’. Which gives it a very interesting twist, because who doesn’t want to possibly kill some people with a makeup look? I have an entire list.  The siren-eye makeup is trending in the year of the villain era, where we are encouraged to accept our unfiltered personalities; everything makes sense now.

What Are Siren Eyes?


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Siren eyes are an evolution of the classic winged eyeliner that transforms the eye shape by making it look elongated for a sultry effect. The process involves winging out the end of your eyeliner and leaving a gap across the eyelid, then drawing a pointed inner corner that makes the eye appear snatched and longer. The look has been trending lately, especially with celebrities like Zendaya, Alexa Demie, Dove Cameron and Bella Hadid.

How To Get Siren Eyes Look?


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Use a combination of eyeliner and eyeshadow to get the siren eyes look. Pick any colour you like and play around with deep and light tones from the same palette. But dark browns, greys and blacks are commonly used for a (seductive) snatched look. You can achieve the look in different ways, and it can be soft or sharp, subtle or intense. Begin with an eyeshadow or eyeliner; an eyeshadow might be quick to work with when you want a more smudged look. For a sharper look, an eyeliner is your best friend. You can go for a simpler look or amp up the drama and make it more graphic. Here is our guide to getting this right.

1. To make a sharp line, use some tape as a guide and begin diagonally from the outer edge of your eye towards your temple. Pick a brown eyeshadow that is a bit darker than your skin, and focus on the outer edge of your crease using a fluffy brush to create a winged shape. You can add another deeper brown colour here with a blending brush to add depth. Blending is key here, though you do want the line to be strong. You could even use a tape to get a cleaner look or clean out the fall out with a Q tip dipped in a makeup remover of your choice.
2. You can use liquid eyeliner for a cleaner look or a pencil one for a smudgy look. Start from the outer part of your eye; use brown or black eyeliner to draw a wing. Then use a pencil brush to smudge the eyeliner; you can also blend it using an eyeshadow for a smokey look.
3. Add a liner to the inner corner of your eyes in a v-shape and the upper and lower waterline. You can get creative and add a shimmery shade to the inner corners to highlight it. Top it off with some mascara and you’re done!

It might not turn out like the celebrities on your first try, but practice makes perfect, just like any other makeup technique.

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