Skincare Tools from House Of Beauty You’ve Got To Have in 2022

house of beauty tools

Have you been thinking about treating your skin? Well, here is your sign!

Good skincare doesn’t always require you to splurge on some ambitious beauty treatment. Some skincare tips take less effort but garner a huge impact. For instance, you may think a massage or a facial at a spa is worth the all the money, but did you know, face massage tools can help maintain that same level of skin health at home? 

Here are bestseller products of House of Beauty you need to invest in right away!

1.  House Of Beauty Guasha Kit

Gua sha is a tool for your face that provides numerous benefits like sculpting, skin tightening, double chin reduction and face contouring. It is also called a face gym tool, it helps relieve tension in the face, reduce puffiness and inflammation and it can even help reduce sinus pressure. Other than all these multiple benefits, a Gua sha massage provides relaxation, something we all need in our lives right now, more than ever!

The product also comes with a unique feature- a QR code with an embedded tutorial which tells you exactly how to use it!

2. Hydra Oxy Gel

Do you have oily or combination skin? Have you been searching for the perfect cream that will give your skin hydration and not make you look oily?
Your search ends here, this super light oxygen whipped gel cream is suitable for all oily to combination skin types, infused with the powerful ingredients like Niacinamide, apricot and aloe vera that provide the perfect moisture sandwich.

House of Beauty India’s Hydra Oxy Gel Cream helps oily skin maintain its hydration barrier. Skin feels immediately hydrated, and radiant, and brightened.

Comes with a special QR code- A secret How to Use Video with a Face Yoga Application Tutorial by Vibhuti Arora absolutely free.

3. Under eye serum

I have no under eye problems said no one ever!
You can bid farewell to all your under eye issues because super potent ingredient- Niacinamide makes everything better. House of Beauty India’s Under Eye Serum is a triple correction eye serum that works on three eye issues: tackling dark circles, age lines, and eye puffiness. It is made with a unique ingredient Juven-eye, which reduces the constantly tired appearance of your eyes.

Comes with a special QR code- A secret How to Use Video with a Face Yoga Application Tutorial by Vibhuti Arora absolutely free.


This is a 7 Color LED Photon Light therapy mask that provides treatment for skin whitening, anti-ageing, acne spots, scar removal, smooth skin, wrinkles, fine lines, skin tightening facials and much more!
LED face masks emit different colours of light like red, green, blue, yellow, all of which have their own unique benefits

5.  Healthy Hair Kit- This kit comes with Hair Vitamins tablets & Immunity booster

Hair Vitamins with AnaGain & Biotin stimulate hair follicle growth resulting in regrowth of healthy hair.
Immunity Booster tablets, made with 20 multivitamins, not only boosts your immunity but also help with open pores and other skin-related issues.


5. The Kansa Kit (with Kumkumadi oil)

The House of Beauty Kansa is a 2 in 1 for your face and body, the Indian alternative to jade rollers for skin pH, dosha & chakra balancing. Kansa Metal head of the massager is an alloy made of copper & tin, which helps in detoxifying face and body. It further reduces face/ body heat, known to assist in joint mobility and reduce eye strain.

Thinking of the gym resolution you made earlier. Well, let’s just say it’s a skin tools face party in 2022 we are routing for!

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