Slay It In Style With ‘My Stylist”: Your Very Own Personal Stylist on Myntra

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It is often said that style goes way beyond just clothes; it’s an attitude and a reflection of one’s personality. But, today where trends change in the blink of an eye and increasingly hectic lifestyles being the order of the day, keeping pace with the latest trends and being impeccably dressed by pairing the right outfits and accessories each time is challenging to say the least. In this scenario, setting fashion goals like having access to thoughtfully curated looks based on your vibe and mood, owning ‘that dream’ closet, and having the perfect capsule wardrobe can definitely seem daunting for most of us. It is during such times that you wish you could enlist the services of a personal stylist.  While the term is almost always associated with celebrities and with the notion of being prohibitively expensive, Myntra is here to debunk that and make expert styling recommendations accessible to all with its super cool, fun, and truly revolutionary “My Stylist” feature on its app, launched ahead of the 18th edition of their marquee event End of Reason Sale (EORS).

Leveraging Technology to democratise Fashion

My Stylist is an end-to-end automated personal styling assistant available for all fashion-forward customers on Myntra. Easily accessible from the app, this cutting-edge, innovative, and first-of-its-kind feature, at this scale, in the Indian fashion tech e-commerce ecosystem is here to alleviate all your fashion worries when it comes to styling and pairings.   

Powered by AI, My Stylist is akin to having your own personal stylist, and that too literally on a speed dial! The feature offers individuals holistic outfits (top wear, bottom wear, footwear) and accessory recommendations based on what they have purchased, and browsed on the app, as well as what’s trending on the platform.  Making it even more interesting is that it allows you to upload an image from your offline wardrobe and get recommendations on pairing!  In the current age where time is money, My Stylist is definitely what you need for it allows you almost instant access to styling options based on your individual preferences and unique style without the hassle of the tiresome browsing, shopping, and pairing of elements endlessly.  The icing on the cake is the fact that the entire shopping experience is real-time, fun, and visually appealing, encouraging one to explore and experiment with style!

Being at the forefront of the tech revolution in the fashion-tech space, My Stylist has been designed in-house at Myntra. The feature comes after a series of path-breaking innovations from Myntra towards elevating customer experiences like M-Xpress, and Vernacular Search, and uses comprehensive machine learning, computer vision algorithms, and multiple deep-learning techniques to enable recommendations for customers. 

Seamless and Hassle-Free

This one certainly got me curious and I decided to play around with the feature myself. The process was simple; all I had to do was to upload the picture of a top in my favourite shade of pink and hit on the search and select gender as ‘female”, and voila! I was presented with chic outfit recommendations, each comprising stylish bottom-wear, a stylish handbag, and trendy footwear to pair with my T-shirt. Further, I could customize each of these looks by changing each of the elements from the choices that were presented.  The details of each item are clearly presented which includes the description, price, and even deals offered! After customization, one can buy the chosen look after selecting the sizes of the individual items. Alternatively, My Stylist offers you recommendations based on what you are browsing on the platform, or have bought recently. Clearly, the best way to shop for me as it guided me to shop smarter and optimally while reducing time, money, effort, and my environmental footprint. 

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Myntra App and transform your style with recos from My Stylist like never before!

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