ELLE Exclusive: I Tried Smashbox’s New Halo Glow + Sculpt Palettes And I Am Obsessed With The Payoff


I don’t think anyone’s a bigger makeup girlie than I am. My life practically revolves around all things makeup and my overflowing vanity is a testament to that. In the chaos of so many products, there are only a few that receive a spot in my vanity. Sheer skin tints with skin-loving ingredients, mousse lipsticks and multifunctional face palettes are my newest obsession. However, multifunctional face palettes have particularly piqued my interest. Who doesn’t like a makeup product which performs multiple tasks at the same time and ALSO saves space in your bag?

So naturally, when I received Smashbox’s newest launch—the Halo Sculpt + Glow Face Palettes to try out, I was thrilled. An extension of the original Halo range, these palettes come in two variants— Coral saturation and Back to Cali. Embodying versatility, they feature a contour, blush and highlighter, everything a makeup enthusiast needs in a single product. Created by pro artists and tested under extreme conditions at the Smashbox Studios, these palettes come infused with Vitamin E and Passion Fruit Oil to ensure your skin is safe.

I got to try these two variants of the Sculpt + Glow Palette before they launched and I have to say, I was impressed more than I expected to be. Here’s what I think of the palettes.—

Coral Saturation

Coral hues are my least favourite when it comes to makeup because they rarely flatter my skin tone and even the shape of my face. But this particular palette managed to convince me otherwise! Coral Saturation comes with two blushes— Vacay Mode which is an enhancing blush and Till Sunrise which is a sculpting blush. The former is a rosy pink and the latter is a soft coral, both of which blend together to create a sunset-esque colour. Scenic Route, a warm, brown contour is created to define your cheeks while Prosecco Pop adds a pop of golden glow to the highest points of your face.

Back To Cali

Lately, I’ve been gravitating towards cooler tones with my makeup and I have to say that this decision has been fabulous. Luckily for me, the second variant I tried—Back To Cali features cool hues that complement Indian skin tones. Cheers Babe is a dusty rose blush which is supposed to make the colour pop while Rose Bold is a brick red blush that sculpts your face. Unlike the previous contour, Beach Day is a softer brown which offers a natural-looking effect. If you like your highlighters with a slight hint of colour, then C Pop is the highlighter for you.

The Verdict

As someone who uses makeup every day, I don’t pick favourites easily. For any beauty product to make it to that list, plenty of factors need to be considered. Firstly, I always look at the packaging of a beauty product. Yes, a book should never be judged by its cover but I’m not purchasing a makeup product which doesn’t appeal to the eyes. The Halo Glow + Sculpt Palettes have sturdy yet premium and aesthetic packaging. Secondly, it’s always a win when colourways are put together perfectly and these palettes are a prime example.

Now, texture and payoff are important factors that determine the quality of a makeup product. I always prefer cream formulas for blushes, contours and highlighters since powder formulas look chunky. However, the buttery texture of the Halo Glow + Sculpt Palette convinced me to finally embrace powder formulas. Each product blends seamlessly and adds dimension to your face with each layer. Usually with powder products, your makeup looks patchy but Smashbox has ensured that doesn’t happen.

All my beauty boxes have been ticked with Smashbox’s Halo Glow + Sculpt Palettes, the biggest being multifunctionality. Each palette costs Rs. 4400 and will be available on Tira, Nykaa, Sephora and Shopper’s Stop Beauty.

- Beauty Writer


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