Smytten Uncovers What India Discovered In 2021

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2021 proved to be an unexpected year, with its fair share of ups and downs. Smytten, India’s largest product trial platform, is here with a year-in-round up named Discovered in 2021. It showcases noteworthy highlights and important trends identified on the Smytten app, which allows users to test out more than 20 lifestyle categories. On the platform, a product was tried every 3 seconds, demonstrating that even in the middle of mayhem, the spirit of trying something new prevailed.

The campaign showcases the various ways in which consumers are rethinking their approach to beauty and self-care in a variety of ways.  Wellness is now a top priority, do-it-yourself is the new norm, and clean ingredients are no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have. If brands want to keep up with their customers’ ever-changing needs, they must find ways to foster a direct relationship with them now more than ever.

More and more customers are open to experimenting with new ingredients in their beauty regime. With a trial first approach, Smytten lets its users try the products before they buy them. In 2021, Smytten users tried products featuring ingredients like coffee, onions, niacinamide, gold & vitamin C to name a few. 

2021 also observed some of the most innovative products launched by new-age brands to expand their product portfolio. With natural detox drinks to reduce hangovers, oral strips rich in antioxidants, lip masks & scrubs, honey twigs & lots more, users were spoiled with discoveries. And needless to say they tried it & loved it. Sleeping masks saw a lot of traction on the platform, with Mumbai trying the maximum number of them. The other interesting fact that came out of the report was the paradigm shift towards digital sampling among the non-metro cities like Surat, Ernakulam, Dimapur, Jammu, etc. For the past 6 years, millions of users have been using the Smytten app to try products and test them out. From cosmetics, to food & beverages, all the way to personal care, Smytten has also released a list of top rated products across categories from its users. 

To support the brand partners, Smytten also launched an instant research feature which enables marketers to power a completely customisable questionnaire, with results delivered in 72 hours involving 10,000+ highly relevant audiences experiencing the product at the comfort of their home.

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