Sonakshi Sinha’s tropical getaway is giving us major FOMO

Bollywood celebrities like Sonakshi Sinh are no strangers to Instagram-worthy holidays. Ranveer Singh let his inner Bollywood fanboy loose at Switzerland and Parineeti Chopra had us coveting her postcard-pretty holiday in Australia. Now, it is Sonakshi’s turn to take some well-deserved time off from her hectic schedule. (ICYMI, Sinha recently gave us a masterclass on how to expertly shut down casual sexism.) The actress treated her 5 million strong fanbases on Instagram to a ringside view of her two-day getaway in Seychelles. Tucked away at the Enchanted Island Resort, Sinha juggled a busy schedule of snorkeling, scenic boat rides, and making the most of the infinity pool. Since pictures speak louder than words, we leave you with these updates from her travel diary. (Side-effects include wanting to type out a resignation letter while simultaneously looking up airport fares online. Expert supervision advised.)

When she made us want to dunk first, our to-do lists and then, ourselves in that clear blue water. In that order.

When she got us excited about a snorkelling trip that we weren’t even a part of.

When she had us begging for Monday blues, for the first time ever.

Flowy white kurtas, turquoise waters, and blissful walks in the sun. Where do we sign up?

Like all good things though, it did end (far too) soon.

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