5 Times Sonam Kapoor Ahuja Was A Trailblazer

Sonam Kapoor

It’s no revelation that Sonam Kapoor has single handedly transformed Bollywood’s fashion game. And when she’s not flexing her finest fits on the streets of Bombay to the Brooklyn Bridge in NY, she loves dividing her time being a vocal critic of all things problematic and lending her unencumbered support to the LGBTQ+ community (and being the target of tireless hate all thanks to internet trolls). She’s well on her way to global dominion and it is apparent through her influential posse of industry stalwarts like Imran Ahmed and Tamara Ralph. And good for us, Sonam’s quite the personable character among the tight-knit, members-only Bollywood lot. She’s charming, she’s sociable and she’s game for everything high fashion. Green flags, if you ask me.

Let’s walk you through a few instances that make us admire her even more:

When She Popularised Serious Celebrity Styling

Sonam Kapoor

The image of Sonam wearing this blue denim sari by the house of Masaba and the distressed jean sari by Diksha Khanna is forever entrenched in my brain. With a penchant for all things experimental, Sonam’s sartorial prowess is unmatched to this very day. Credited with spawning multiple trends both on runways and streets, Sonam along with the help of her sister Rhea revolutionised how Bollywood dresses.

Her Candid Admission About Having Dark Circles

Sonam Kapoor

Once upon a time, Sonam Kapoor uploaded a picture of her face. Mid-makeup with her dark circles on full display. Scandalous. The internet wasn’t having it. The sexist and redundant folks, I mean. Which the internet is packed with. But her blasé outlook made me admire her a notch more after seeing her at ease behaviour with the same. So girls, who cares? The bags under your eyes are Chanel any which ways.

Sari At The Cannes

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam’s fantastical line-up of sari looks in the history of multiple Cannes red carpets is a gift that keeps giving. This Anamika Khanna moment catapulted the neo-contemporary cape sari to the forefront of the fashion scene all thanks to her immaculate taste. With due credits to Anamika Khanna’s glorious design signature.

The Time She Turned Showstopper For Ralph & Russo

Sonam Kapoor
Getty Images

Sonam’s tryst with Ralph & Russo is a marriage of sorts and we’re not complaining. She turned showstopper for the London-based couturiers back in 2017 wearing a Chantilly lace gown that took almost 8000s hours to make. Truly an iconic moment to look back on.

Playing A Closeted Lesbian In A Mainstream Bollywood Film

Sonam Kapoor

Bollywood’s failure at organic representation of queer people is no secret. But Sonam’s portrayal of a closeted lesbian in a 2019 film titled Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga was certainly refreshing given the mainstream nature of the film. Representation is at the core of her heart and it’s heartwarming to see celebs practice what they preach.

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