A Step-By-Step Guide To Tackle Rosacea


‘Rosy cheeks’ sounded cute in nursery rhymes, but in reality, having perpetual redness on cheeks can be a bummer. If you are struggling with permanent flushed skin, it could be rosacea. It is a skin condition that dilates blood vessels resulting in hyper redness and sometimes inflammation. An ideal treatment for this would be a well-balanced blend of oral medication (only if required and suggested in your case) and over the counter skincare.

Skincare For Rosacea



Taking care of your skin and feeding it with the right mix of ingredients can actually solve more skin issues than you think. Speaking of rosacea, since the skin is already excruciated by redness, inflammation, dryness and a warm sensation, its sensitivity can be measured by the same. Azelaic acid (a naturally occurring acid), zinc-enriched SPF and aloe vera are some ingredients that can treat and soothe skin. It’s vital to use gentle products that are created for sensitive skin. Caring for your skin barrier is inevitable since it helps to tame down the dryness and dullness.

Here’s what you can try:



ELLE’s Tips for Rosacea-prone Skin

1. Control exposure to caffeine, alcohol and spicy food since these are believed to be the most common triggers for rosacea.

2. Patch test all your skincare products, since your super sensitive skin demands that.

3. Avoid hot water showers as it causes dryness, irritation, as well as elevate the heaty feeling.

4. Moisturise as soon as you sense some kind of dryness on your skin.

5. Befriend products (and ingredients) that nourish and strengthen your skin barrier.

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