A 2022 Summer Hair Colour Wishlist For Those Who Want To Experiment

Summer Hair colour ideas

What a neurotic, borderline maniacal hair beauty addict with ADHD does to keep herself occupied during the pandemic? Play with themselves of course (ignore the innuendo!). Quarantine boredom led me to do many things; from making Dalgona coffees to bingeing on Netflix’s Tiger King, I indulged in all the basic BS businesses. But none filled the emotional emptiness as much as immersing myself in beauty rituals. As a result, I walked out of the pandemic with two things – clear skin and bleached hair with leftover tints of each shade of the colour I tried. The DIY nature of the whole ordeal meant that my at-home dye jobs were patchy, uneven and filled with leftover tints from all the colour experiments. But on the upside, I did learn how to bleach my hair at home and work with fades to create multidimensional hair colour in quirky tints that are anything but ordinary.


Living with the advantage of bleached hair is one that many don’t appreciate until they get it. My inspiration to rock bleached bits comes from K-pop, with Jennie from Blackpink being my ultimate muse.

And since taking the leap of faith, I have gone for summer hair colours like raspberry pink, sea green, and pastel blue. I have even worn the bleached bits and show off high impact money pieces. As an added advantage, I also have the option of experimenting with a number of different summer hair colours as and when I wish to. Here are some that are at the top of my wishlist –

1. Expensive Blonde


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‘Expensive blonde’, or the ‘Pricey Platinum’ requires a bleaching level of 3-4 with a volume 10 developer. The look is further enhanced by darkening the front face-framing tendrils with a lavender or peachy tint to add more dimension to the hair. The darkened tendrils around the face double up as lowlights so that the complexion doesn’t look washed out against the bleached tresses.

2. Ice Lolli


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The two-tone hair trend is set to retain its trendy summer hair colour status in 2022. While you can have any number of permutations and combinations with hair colours, my favourites happen to be fruity and candy-coated berry pink and popsicle blue. They are on-brand with the kind of summer I wish to spend – drenched in yummy fresh fruits, and ice lollies that are on the verge of melting!

3. Peeky Lavender

There’s a certain kind of stupid bravado that goes into bleaching and depositing colour so close to the scalp. Honestly, I pride myself on being exactly the right kind of stupid to do it as well! Hairyslists call it a reverse ombré but a tiny upgrade would be to place the dye really close to the roots and let the rest of the bleached bits be as is. I am stealing this one from the cool, skater boys!

4. Peach Melt

Naturally dark hair that has been lifted to a level 4 and higher can pull off peach and yellow tints effortlessly. A look that is quite easy to achieve, unlike popular belief, painting this tint involves blending soft peach, baby pink and butter yellow dyes in a layered fashion to create a stunning sunset-themed look. It is OTT, vibrant and demands attention from onlookers – all things that complement my summer aesthetic as well.

5. Burnt Orange

Tangerine hair colour has seen a sudden spike in popularity in the past couple of months. Bleached hair babies are often struggling with neutralising brassy undertones and spending big bucks on purple shampoos that may not always work. So a neat trick is to just dye your hair orange. But a bright, burnt tint that will naturally fade into a soft peach, post which you can transform it into a melt; just like the one we saw above.

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