Summer Lovin’: 10 Nail Trends to Elevate Your Look This Season!


Picture this: vibrant colours, blooming flowers, and a whole lot of sunny yellow hues. We’ve scoured the internet to bring you the freshest nail designs that scream summer fun. Whether you’re all about matching your nails to the beach or want something that’ll make your summer outfit pop, we’ve got you covered. From bold and bright to sweet and subtle, your next nail appointment just got more exciting. Let’s get those nails summer-ready.

1. Rainbow French Tips

A classic French manicure with a twist. Choose any colour from the rainbow; your nails are your canvas; you can go dark, light, pastel, or mix and match any colour shades.

2. Delicate Florals

A touch of blossoms and pastels on your nails is just the right way to bask in the season’s spirit.

3. Citrus Dreams


When life gives you lemons, wear them on your nails. The bright and bold lemon designs make this manicure a perfect choice for the warmer months.

4. Ice Chrome Barbie


Hailey Bieber brought the glazed donut trend to the forefront. Instead of a neutral base, go for a hot pink ice chrome vibe to brighten up your summer days. Barbie is here to stay.

5. Heart Nail Art


Love is always in the air. There is no hard and fast rule that requires heart nail art to be red. You can experiment with different colours. I have small lavender hearts right now, which are absolutely adorable for my summer getaway.

6. The OG Glazed Donut


For those of you who prefer a neutral base— the OG glazed donut nail trend is perfect. The chrome adds a metallic, shimmery finish, so even if you’re sporting one solid colour, your nails carry some added interest—creating an ethereal yet subtle shine. It’s the easiest way to elevate a simple colour on your nails.

7. Add A Bow To It

Pink, pearls & bows— the coquette trend is what your summer manicure dreams are made of.

8. Pastel Yellow Nail Designs

Yellow is a great colour to tap when your nails need a pick-me-up. The hue invokes sunny summer vibes and can feel modern and elegant, depending on your design. Selena Gomez’s MANcurist, Tom Bachik’s calls this latest trend: Butter Manis.

9. Mermaid Chrome

If you want to try the trend with cool colours and metallic, iridescent, and/or pastel elements, mermaid chrome nails are the way to go. Kylie Jenner nails this trend on her summer beach vacation.

10. Jelly Nails

Jelly Nails from the ’90s is the latest trend to get a serious revamp, it’s like lipgloss for your nails and it also happens to be absolutely perfect for summer. These will be my reference pictures at the nail salon tomorrow!

- Intern, Elle India

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