6 female comedy stars you need to know, by Sumukhi Suresh


Sumukhi Suresh understands the importance of having more women interested in comedy. “The humour we’re exposed to on TV is very misogynistic, that’s why it seems normal to a lot of people. The only way this can change is if there are more comics who are women and more women in the audience,” she says, even if she doesn’t particularly like being called a ‘female comic’. With her YouTube features, like the Maid Interview, her stand-up routines and her starring role in Better Life Foundation, Suresh has become a name to be reckoned with on the Indian comedy scene. While her story is inspirational in itself, we were eager to find out which female stars inspired her.

Taking time between shoots and generally making the world a funnier place, she made a pitch for these queens of comedy.

Sumukhi Suresh lists her favourite female comics


"A Tamil actor and comedian, Manorama was a master class in acting and comedy. She could merge into any character effortlessly and her comic timing was flawless. Even if you don't understand Tamil, learn it to appreciate Manorama."

Ellen DeGeneres

"The first ever stand-up special I watched was of Ellen, who was effortless on stage. Tt was almost like she was talking to the audience over dinner at her house. She had her own show called Ellen, and when she came out of the closet on this show, it wasn't accepted openly. That led to a gap in her career, but she bounced back and how."

Tina Fey

"I was introduced to her through 30 Rock. (The show) made me want to start writing my own content. No one would have written a character like Liz Lemon for Tina Fey other than Tina Fey herself. Also Tina Fey on SNL is unbeatable."

Kristen Wiig

"Comic timing and writing are keys to comedy but Kirsten Wig teaches you the importance of consistency in your acting and sketches."

Amy Poehler

"Watch all her videos and sketches, but you will know about Amy Poehler and her love for improv and character work best through her book, Yes Please."

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