Sushmita Sen Launches Nebula by Titan Watches

Watches Nebula By Titan

There’s something iconic about a classic timepiece. It never goes out of fashion, often occupying a place of price in the wardrobe. A watch sometimes goes on to become a family heirloom, one that is passed on down generations, an homage to a memory, or perhaps a moment.

The new collection by Nebula By Titan has Sushmita Sen launching the  brand. She spoke exclusively to ELLE about all things time and memories.

ELLE: Tell us about a heritage piece from your watches collection

Sushmita Sen (SS): When I was a child, my father gave me a Titan watch. I think my dad was trying to teach me both how to respect time and then have a watch that said my name on it because my pet name is pronounced Tee-tan in Bengali, but actually it has the same meaning and spelling as Titan. And he wished that for me. And so to celebrate that, he gifted me my first Titan which is a very delicate dial with a chain not a leather strap. So yeah, I remember that the most he’ll be delighted that life comes full circle with me today launching this stunning Art Deco collection of Nebula by Titan.  

ELLE: Watches are an inherent part of styling. How do you pick yours for an outfit?

SS: I love watches with big dials. For me, that’s also very empowering as a woman. I feel like I’m wearing a cuff, you know, like a warrior would. And I’m somebody who doesn’t like to dress up with a lot of different accessories in my personal life, unless I’m doing a film. I like it simple. So when you have a watch that gives you all that and makes sure you’re always on time, I think that’s it.


ELLE: What are some of the details you look for in your watch?

SS: I like pieces with inspiring stories behind them that are also beautifully crafted. I have always loved watches in the beginning more so because it was something that would measure time for me. But as I got into the world after Miss Universe and travelled and then I had aspirational brands, and who would have thought then that one of the best ones, the most authentic – Nebula by Titan – would be made in my own country. So it’s lovely. It makes me very, very proud.

ELLE: Timeless and classic are some of the terms that describe you and this collection. What are the synergies you see?

SS: You know, the magic of this watch is that it’s a timekeeper. And yet it’s timeless in terms of its design. I think the paradox in that is the paradox that I most identify with.

ELLE: Pick a piece from the collection that you see becoming part of your heirloom collection.

SS: I love Nebula by Titan’s Art Deco Automatic watch with an open heart… it’s  bold and beautiful in 18 k gold. It combines the art of jewellery craftsmanship with precision watch making.  The entire collection has an inspiring story behind it and its beautifully crafted. Art Deco architecture was so popular in Mumbai, that the city has the second largest concentration of buildings in this style across the world. It defined the modernity of Bombay as it was then known, with exuberance and spirit. And that’s interpreted beautifully in this collection. My daughter Alisah is here today with me and she and Renee have a very simple thing every time I buy anything. The first one to say I book it gets it. So right now it really isn’t about what I leave behind. It’s what they booked. 

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