Sustainable Saritoria: Shehlina Soomro Takes Us On A Journey Of Pre-Loving Fashion


With a vision to democratise luxury fashion and acquaint billions with the idea of a circular fashion economy, Saritoria emerged as a front-runner in the pre-loved luxury fashion space during the pandemic. It’s the largest online platform for the resale of luxury South Asian fashion. Growing up in the West, Shehlina Soomro, CEO and Founder of Saritoria, was no stranger to the concept of hand-me-downs.

“In fact, my first designer bag was a Fendi Baguette, thrifted from a vintage store!” she recalls. Despite the power that fashion holds, its critical environmental damages are not a revelation. “By creating a circular economy, we’re helping tackle the climate crisis in a small way. What I would love to do with Saritoria is to partner with brands and have them join the secular movement,” Soomro highlights. Extending garment life to curb landfill waste is a small but significant endeavour towards sustainability.

The brand’s collaborations and active work with Fashion Revolution, Client Earth (NGO law firm) and ocean experts from Blue J, among others, play an integral role in educating patrons. Soomro explains, “We’re enabling our customers to save money, save space and save the planet, all at once.”


Closet Cleanse

“Empowering, sophisticated, fun and savvy,” is how Soomro describes her brand’s aesthetic. In that vein, Saritoria has partnered with actor Katrina Kaif. True to its vision of being in sync with fashion, technology, luxury and sustainability, this collaboration aims to drive a wardrobe cleanse with the actor. A coveted selection of handpicked pieces, including but not limited to Alexander McQueen, Jacquemus, Balmain and more from Kaif’s personal wardrobe, will be made available for purchase exclusively for Saritoria shoppers.

“With Saritoria, I aim to do my bit to familiarise a larger consumer set to the concept of pre-loved,” Kaif shares. “You can buy stylish, one-of-a-kind pieces at a fraction of their original cost while saving the planet.” It was only natural then that Saritoria passed the proceeds from the notable sale towards Kaif’s mother’s institution, dedicated to the education of lesser privileged children.

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