Sustainable And Natural, Tangerine Is Offering Bio Jewellery Made With Spices

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Jewellery is meant to sparkly and shiny. It’s supposed to catch the light and blind haters. Sure it serves up some sizzle and spice, but what you don’t expect are actual spices. You’re going to be in for a surprise. Tangerine is India’s first bio-jewellery brand. Wait, what is that? Tangerine jewellery is created by using natural elements, all the pieces are unique in its shape, size and in their properties.

ELLE spoke to Shristi Ghunawat, founder of the brand about Tangerine, the concept of bio jewellery and more.

What was the conversation that sparked the idea of this collection?

Through the Spice Collection we celebrate the feeling of comfort, nostalgia and warmth. We are paying homage to the spices that have been a part of our everyday life. From the first cup of tea in the morning to the immunity booster kadha at night, spices are a big part of who we are. 

Spices have always been an important part of the Indian kitchen. From our grandmothers to our mothers and now to us, spices have been a part of every big or small celebration. For thousands of years, spices have been traditionally used in India for three reasons, their flavour, their ability to preserve food and their medicinal properties. By presenting you the Spice Collection, we present India in a little box! So that you can carry the feeling of homeliness, warmth and vitality wherever you go. 

What did you see or hear that has influenced this collection?  

During my search for elements to be incorporated in our third collection, I looked for elements that not just a particular section but the majority of people would connect with. Therefore, inside of looking for natural elements in forests and tribal regions, I started searching my house for the piece that we so subconsciously, or without giving much thought to, use in our day-to-day life. I chose spices not just because it is an everyday item but because the shape, size and smell of each spice is so different and prominent. I was really intrigued by the medicinal properties and health benefits each spice holds. And how every Indian household has a box full of spices that have an individual smell and taste. So my search for the ideal element for the collection ended in my own kitchen. 

Did you have a Eureka moment (you just knew this is what you wanted to do) or has it been a process?

The insights and understanding that I received while working in the industry, made me conscious of the adverse impact of the industry on the environment. It made me  realize that an alternate greener option for a product that everyone invests in, are the need of the hour. The Environmental consciousness and creative streak in me is what helped me in carving the path towards creating a brand that offers an alternative greener option in jewellery. 

We create green & organic jewellery using elements like seeds, spices, flowers, fruits etc. and clad them in 24 carat gold. Creating a bio jewelry brand is a gentle first step towards our larger vision: delivering an eco-friendly alternative of jewellery. 

What hiccups did you face while designing this collection?

With people becoming aware of the importance of sustainability, creating a sustainable jewellery brand was not an arduous task in today’s market. However, introducing an entirely new collection with the bio jewellery concept to people who have been buying casted gold jewellery for generations is the main challenge. However, people were very welcoming and appreciative of the spice collection as it reminds them of their home and gives them a feeling of warmth and comfort. 

The authenticity and quality of the spices used is paramount for us. To ensure authenticity and high quality we sourced our spices from the regions which are traditionally known for producing high quality spices. 

Two trends do you think will be major this season and one piece from this collection that nails this trend

I feel thick gold chains and charms are something that you’ll see a lot in jewelry this season. Be it link, snake or dapper bar, these chains are both bold and voguish. They create a statement and add volume to the look of the wearer. Charms look dainty and quirky, be it in a neckpiece or a bracelet.


Tell us a brand you want to do a collaboration with – a sneaker brand? A tech device?

We would love to collaborate with brands with the same ethos as ours. It is always lovely to share the space with like-minded people. People who understand the importance of sustainability and also practice it. We appreciate the fact that regardless of the many challenges faced by a brand to deliver products that are eco-friendly, they still choose sustainability over fast fashion. Be it in any category. We would love to work with brands that are educating people about the Indian traditions & culture and taking forward the Indian culture through Art & Handloom and giving it a contemporary look for the youth. Because we feel this is something we have tried to achieve through our Spice Collection. 

If I had to dress a Gen Z person in a piece from this collection, this is the one I would pick. 

If I had to pick one piece from the collection to dress a Gen Z, I would choose the all Spice chain because it is so versatile and elegant yet it has a quirkiness which I feel the younger generation would love. The free-style chain is a true statement piece that can be styled in whichever way the wearer wants to.  This piece is also my personal favourite from the collection and has received a huge amount of love from our customers too. 


- Digital Editor


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