Diamonds and drizzles


The right note when choosing jewellery, after all, is personal. But sometimes you are simply blown away by something stunning. Like what Lisa Haydon feels about Tanishq’s Rhythms of Rain inspired by the beauty of monsoons that she was wearing at an event of the jewellery brand in Mumbai.

She was wearing her favourite from the collection. “I like the way it sits on my neck. I like the shape of it and the hues of it. There is a beautiful aqua stone in the middle and it’s got these tsavorites around the outside. If you look at the way the tsavorites reflect on the aqua stone, it just intensifies the colour of the aqua. And the diamonds around are just stunning. It looks like a piece I would wear if I won an Oscar,” Haydon laughs.

The collection is diverse. A celebration in the true sense with beautiful gems coming alive with breathtaking artistry and design. There are sleek but dazzling sets like the Lyrical Raindrop with royal blue stones, a statement emerald cut aqua-blue stone in the centre embraced by fancy-cut diamonds or the  Rhapsodies By The Pond with pear-shaped aqua stone, a halo of tsavorites and over 13 carats of diamonds. Mingling with the rich green hues and fresh showers that signifies new life this season, there is Harmonising With Raindrops, a necklace set crafted with cushion cut green stones and natural diamonds.

The day was one of a kind in the city. Most of it saw rains lashing down. Raincoats are out, puddles are formed and vehicle travel is only possible through rapidly moving, overworked wipers on glass.

“I have never seen this kind of rain anywhere else in the world,” says Haydon. For her these are days of nostalgia and comfort. “Just the kind that reminds of days in my childhood when everything would be cancelled and I could sit at home and watch TV,” she says.

Even now, not much has changed as it is a throwback for her on the few days of heaviest rains in Mumbai monsoons. “It still gives me an excuse to stay home and not do anything. Even with my kids, I say it’s raining so all your classes are cancelled. We are going to make bread and watch movies,” she laughs.

Like the season, Jewellery too tugs at her emotions. It is a thing of nostalgia and sentiment for her. “All the jewellery that I own is very personal. Most of it has been gifted to me on some special occasion. But even a simple piece carries so many memories. When I look back it reminds me that I wore that in that season of our life,” she says.

There is one bunch that she likes to wear everywhere and for that she goes for something subtle and universal.  “In my everyday life I wear stuff that translates through many different settings. Like walking down the street, going grocery shopping or going to the gym I like to keep my jewellery on, I don’t like to take it off and put it on again,” he says. 

For this her choice is usually gold. Simple, thin, understated, which goes with many things. Somewhat like tattoos, her everyday jewellery is a part of her. “There is nothing that I wear every single day, day in and day out like I wear my jewellery. I don’t have any tattoos so jewellery is almost like my permanent body mark. As and when I take them off, I feel something is missing,” she says.

Apart from this regular wear, some gifts hold a special place in her life. Like her engagement ring and the ornaments she inherited from her mother.

“My engagement ring is the one piece of jewellery that I am very attached to. The sentiment behind it is so overwhelming. My husband and I have often discussed what we would do with it when we are old. Will we give it to our daughter or our son’s wife? It’s an heirloom piece that will go through generations and the meaning of it. Pieces of jewellery like that are very special and very emotional as they carry so many memories,” she says. 

She strongly feels choosing jewellery is very personal and so when it comes to advice she decides to limit it to what she knows best, which is her own style.

“On the basis of what I like, if you are going gold and minimal, I would say many small delicate pieces so that you can layer them up. So it is not too much and not too constricting either. If I were to layer up my minimal gold look then I would put smaller earrings with maybe a combination of one big earring and I would put on one delicate necklace,” she says. But she does remind us that all of this needs to fit to shape and assemble well together.

 Just the way the collections of Rhythms of Rain blend in seamlessly. To find this fine balance of rose gold, round diamonds and drops of tanzanite in The Peacock’s hymn or the energy of life in the marquise and princess-cut green stones in Soul of The Rainforest and all other stunning pieces of this collection, all you need to do is log on to or head to your nearest Tanishq store. 

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