Tanzire Launches Missoma: London’s Demi-Fine Jewelry Sensation Makes Exclusive Debut in India


Tanzire, India’s first global marketplace for demi-fine jewelry, has announced the exclusive introduction of Missoma, the cult demi-fine jewelry brand from London, in the Indian market on 11th December. Missoma, which was founded over a decade ago, has received international praise for its avant-garde designs, attention to quality, and successful collaborations in the fashion industry. The brand is known for its iconic partnerships, such as those with Harris Reed and Lucy Williams. Their Thai and Indian manufacturers are carefully handpicked for their highly skilled artisanship, and their products are created using 100% recycled sterling silver and recycled 18 carat gold plating.

Tanzire, a pioneer in curating jewelry that speaks to the modern, independent person, is thrilled to bring Missoma’s offerings to India’s lively and diversified market. Missoma, known for producing high-quality items, is set to capture the imagination of the Indian market with its distinct combination of contemporary aesthetics and timeless elegance.  Founded by Marisa Horden, Missoma offers fashionable, affordable jewelry. Marisa’s mission is to empower individuals via distinctive, high-quality designs is reflected in the brand’s symbolism of self-expression, confidence and sustainability.

Tanzire is India’s first global e-commerce site focused on the handcrafted demi-fine jewelry manufactured by independent women-owned companies from across the world. Tanzire’s aim is to celebrate the modern individual’s diversity, inclusion, and self-expression through integrating purpose with design.

Founded by Suhani Batwara in 2020, Tanzire was her way of encouraging women-owned and women-led enterprises throughout the world to break the mold and flourish by collaborating with them and presenting their distinctive designs on her marketplace platform. “Missoma has been on my wish list since the inception of Tanzire, and the excitement of finally collaborating to bring them to India is unparalleled. Missoma’s products are a celebration of individuality and style, and we are thrilled to make such a brand accessible to the Indian audience.” said Batwara about Missoma’s arrival in India.

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