In Conversation With Tarun Tahiliani On His Newest Collection ‘Sheer Drama’ At Lakmé Fashion Week

Tarun Tahiliani

Titled ‘Sheer Drama,’ Tarun Tahiliani’s luxury prêt showcase in collaboration with Lakmé was an amalgamation of the house’s signature aesthetics coupled with viability on the commercial front. And the one thing our entire industry collectively agrees on, is that a TT garment will fit better than a glove – the show was a testament to this fact.

Another highlight from the show was ace pianist and composer, Sahil Vasudeva on the piano who performed his own composition ‘Qinara and Lighthouse,’ a re-imagination of Philip Glass’ works. We caught up with the seasoned couturier and discussed all things inspiration, his pivot to prêt and Sobhita – their showstopper.


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ELLE: Please tell us about the inspiration for your newest collection at Lakmé Fashion Week in partnership with FDCI.

Tarun Tahiliani: An ode to the timeless Indian drape, my collection that was born out of the ‘Sheer Drama’ collaboration with Lakmé essays tradition in my signature ‘India Modern’ style, preserving our rich textile heritage and cultural identity, in a cerebral yet simple manner for the contemporary wearer. The collection highlights the sheerness of the hero Lakmé products, weaving their way through airy drapes, light textures and structured draping combined with traditional embroidery reimagined, in non-traditional sprays and settings. Presenting my take on ‘lightness’ through the lens of fashion, it encompasses a spectrum from neutrals, nudes, iridescent pastels, faded metallics to bursts of red – an endeavour to make every woman feel #UnapologeticallyMÉ.


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ELLE: What are the cuts, colours and surface embellishments utilised in the collection?

Tarun Tahiliani: The collection encapsulates a wide spectrum of colours ranging from neutrals, nudes, iridescent pastels, faded metallics and bursts of red. These hues have been expressed through airy drapes, light textures and structured draping, combined with traditional embroidery.

ELLE: What is the quintessential Tarun Tahiliani Luxe Prêt customer like?

Tarun Tahiliani: The quintessential Tarun Tahiliani Luxe Prêt customer is always herself. She is never playing a ‘role’ and is always her authentic, unapologetic self.


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ELLE: Having your already successful eponymous label dominate the industry for quite some while now, why was Tarun Tahiliani Luxe Prêt born? Which market gap does this offering wish to target?

Tarun Tahiliani: We are considered to be a bridal designer house, but that is not necessarily 100% accurate because only 50% of our sales come from our fashion offering. Luxury prêt means that it is not for order – you come in and pick from clothes that are available in different sizes, you can mix and match, etc. It’s luxury ready-to-wear and you can wear it to a mehendi or sangeet. It is designed with a view to live life away from ‘the wedding’.

ELLE: In what ways does your showstopper embody the essence of your newest collection?

Tarun Tahiliani: Watching Sobhita in ‘Made in Heaven’ – which I was riveted to because I feel that it represented PLUs – people like us – who speak English, live in urban India, deal with all the madness of it, and the weddings, including the different stereotypes that make up the weddings. I think she was fantastic, and I loved seeing a modern Indian woman in my clothes. Someone who looks good, is proud of her heritage and can hold her own. And that’s what she is!


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ELLE: Tell us about your association with Lakmé for this specific collection.

Tarun Tahiliani: This collection represented my interpretation of “lightness” in fashion, and my aim was to empower women to feel confident and true to themselves. I believe that embracing and expressing one’s true self without apology is essential. My endeavour with this collection is to provide a platform for modern women to showcase their Indian heritage while confidently expressing themselves at the intersection of beauty and fashion, looking and feeling their best!

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