Here’s Why You Should Take A Nature Trail Through The Spectacular Coffee Plantations Of Coorg


My love affair with coffee started during the lockdown; trying new flavours and textures became an escape for me in those tough times, which has now developed into a regular morning comforting ritual with my coworkers. As I sit here penning down a love story to coffee, my colleagues can spot me sipping on a big tumbler of iced coffee. I had the chance to experience a rich story of coffee-making firsthand, one that had me appreciating this beverage even more. A 6-hour drive from Bengaluru brought me to the Tata Consumer’s plantation on the beautiful slopes of Coorg, which gave me an opportunity to discover and learn all about coffee beans.

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Coorg is more than a famous hill station; it is also India’s coffee-growing region. For a coffee-lover like me, this trip became a one-of-a-kind core memory. With tiny droplets of rain and stunning natural visuals, I was transported to a rain-soaked fantasy with the fragrant rustling from the coffee plants. Here I saw the labour and commitment that go into each cup. I was lulled into feeling of calmness, one of nature’s offerings that’s impossible to replicate. Strolling down the road that goes through the plantation with miles of trees and coffee plantations in either direction, I was drawn into the story of coffee. The coffee plants are laden with a green and maroon coloured beans which hang thickly from the branches.

The plantation slopes are renowned for their Arabica and Robusta brews and are surrounded by several lakes, verdant hills, and a diverse range of flora and animals. November is considered to be the best time to pick up the berries and witness the harvest. But when a coffee enthusiast like me is roaming around so much coffee, you can’t help but crave the brown beverage. So, while explaining the foundation and motives of their campaigns and crop, the brand served to cure our coffee craving with steaming hot sips of their best-selling filter kaapis.

A 150-Year-Old Legacy

You might wonder what makes Tata Consumer Products different from its competitors. Tata’s association with the beverage dates back more than 150 years when some tenacious planters from the then-state of Mysore in South India planted the first seeds of the estates and brought coffee to the Coorg Hills. These are some of world’s best coffees, produced by the land and most importantly the local people living there.

By the end of the trip, the brand offered us to experience some of their current best-selling varieties, like Tata Coffee Quick Filter, Tata Coffee Gold and more. All of this experience made this trip an everlasting memory.

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