What Tattoo Should You Get? Your Zodiac Sign Can Help You Decide


As an indecisive Libran, picking a restaurant to order dinner from is hard enough, so imagine my distress if asked to choose a design to be permanently inked on my body. It explains why I have no tattoos yet. If you too are contemplating getting a tattoo but need a helping hand to choose what kind, let your stars be your guide. Here’s what tattoo you should get based on your zodiac sign: 



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With Mars as your ruling planet, bold and full of fire describes you best. As number one of the zodiac signs, you aren’t afraid to show them how it’s done. We’re talking dramatic, stand out designs in the most unusual places. Aquarius may be prone to getting tattoos when drunk and you, Aries, on dares. 



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Ruled by Venus, you naturally gravitate towards all things aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Your love for fashion, art, luxury and the finer things in life is undeniable, so why not turn your body into a canvas for some iconic artwork (you won’t have to go to a museum to view art because you are the art *wink*). 



Your ruling planet Mercury makes your communication skills sharper than the rest, Gemini. We see you getting your favourite saying/ song lyric tattooed in a beautiful font. If that’s not enough for your indecisive mind, get some art to complement the quote. 



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We know you’re taking the sentimental route, Cancer. Whether it’s paw prints in remembrance of your furry friend or the birth date of your children, family comes first for you and that reflects in your tattoo choices. 


You’re fabulous and you own it, Leo. You’re likely to steer towards a design that is all about YOU— a lion/ the Leo glyph/ constellation to match your sign or symbols that are a representation of yourself. 



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Keep things minimal yet impactful with an intricate fine line tattoo that looks clean, crisp and detailed. You’re likely to go with a design that’s unpretentious and precise just like your personality. 


Teamwork makes the dream work, doesn’t it Libra? Partnerships are where you thrive and if given an option you’d never do anything alone. Getting matching tattoos with your squad/BFF/SO will take your relationship to the next level and make you the happiest. 


Secret symbols on the flesh of your body that only you can read? It’s fascinating to you, Isn’t it Scorpio? The moon phases, red roses, a literal scorpion, snake, the anatomical heart— get a tattoo that matches your intense, passionate energy on the sexiest part of your body. 


You’re lying if you say you don’t know at least one Sagittarius with a tattoo that evokes wanderlust. Whether that’s the literal word ‘wanderlust’ in a cursive font or an airplane, map, compass, globe— a travel tattoo is perfect for this zodiac sign. 



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You’ve got your head in the game and are working hard towards achieving your goals, Capricorn. You’re likely to get a symbol or quote that you can look at for motivation in your journey towards success. 



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You’re not the one to get just any design off the rack. If it’s on Pinterest, it has already lost your attention. Your Aquarian energy is unmatched, so you’ll properly get a tattoo that you’ve designed yourself. To further kick convention out the door may we suggest looking into the stick and poke method over machine-done tattoos and glow in the dark ink. 


Magic is very real in your world, Pisces. We think you’d love the idea of getting an intuitive tattoo that infuses energy work, intention setting and the artist’s intuition to create a piece of flesh art that heals you and protects you energetically. Alternatively, getting a symbol or design that represents your favourite fictional world is right up your alley. 

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