From Court To Cityscape, Take Cues From Tennis Inspired Fashion To Elevate Your Everyday Style

Before I freak you all out with another TikTok-validated “core” this summer, no, Tennis-inspired fashion is not just a fad but an upgraded version of quiet luxury with the resurgence of preppiness. With the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters coming to an end, Tennis-inspired fashion is taking over everyone’s gram with a myriad of outfit inspos.

A chunk of credit also goes to Zendaya for mothering so hard during the promotion of ‘Challengers’ wearing those Loewe shoes (with tennis balls!) and the Thom Browne ensemble with tiny tennis racquets embossed in it. Given the fact that Zendaya’s new movie is on the release charts, I believe it’s one of those cases where pop culture is influencing fashion once again (Barbie fans mark your attendance).


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This summer won’t be the first one to mark the inception of Tennis-inspired style. It will be and has always been in fashion. A little throwback to Princess Diana’s street style makes up for a pressing priority while talking about vintage tennis fashion.

Princess D has been the flag bearer of chic and dapper athleisure wear, often spotted with medium-sized tote bags and shorts otherwise, she used to don herself in a quintessential tennis fits along with a duffle bag for her tennis sessions.

This aesthetic portrays a sign of wealth and fine taste. It has been taken down in fashion books that nothing ever gets more chic than courtside at tennis. This season’s memo has subtle nods to quiet luxury and preppy fits serving a modern edge to the “core”.

One can track the resurgence of the tennis core in correspondence with micro shorts and mini skirts and dresses sashayed on the runways. Brands like Chanel have been the trailblazers in this category of micros and minis during the Spring Summer 2024 runway shows.


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Apart from this, SKIMS’ launch of a tennis-inspired collection in March is a subtle acknowledgement of the aesthetics’ advent for the season. Miss Kim K is the first to bestride the trends, if not give birth to them. Her ‘Fits Everybody’ range from SKIMS promises to be the perfect addition to an on-and-off-court wardrobe. The range has staples like fitted t-shirts, bralettes, skorts, shorts etc.


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The biggest fashion trends of spring are steered by fashion giants like Miu Miu, Chanel, Lacoste and Ralph Lauren. All these labels have in one way or the other, contributed towards the culmination of tennis-inspired fashion in summer style.

From Miu Miu’s collaboration with New Balance to Ralph Lauren being the outfitter during the Australian Open, this aesthetic has witnessed an influx of luxury brands into sports. Luxury brands’ fascination with this sport seems credible because the tennis fashion with its elegant and well-moneyed connotations has always held people looking for chic, summery and sporty vibe, in a chokehold.

Now the best part about this aesthetic lies in its accessibility. One can make a tennis style fit just from their wardrobe basics! And if you still haven’t got them, consider me your fashion torchbearer. Find below the links to your “just-in-time” Tennis-inspired wardrobe!

The Tennis Dress Outfit

Pair up this Sporty and Rich tennis dress with classic blue Adidas Sambas and a Lacoste cap. Throw in a couple of sporty accessories along with Gucci shades and a Ralph Lauren jumper to be tied around the neck. Do not forget your sunscreen stick and sipper and you are ready to take over the streets.

The Polo T-Shirt/ Crop Top and Pleated Skirt Outfit

This Recreational Habits polo t-shirt along with pleated Ralph Lauren skort will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Pair these up with this Recreational Habits jacket zipped open, because layering is the key! Ace your look with an Adidas hairband, green Adidas Sambas and an LV duffle bag. It’s time to now catch up with the girlies at brunch after being freshly out of the country club.

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