How Converse’s CWTU Campaign Brought Together Diverse Artists To Create 4 Uniquely Collaborative Tracks

I truly believe that the best part of my job is getting to meet creative people across industries. I learn about their processes, their inspirations and their dreams. It’s a fulfilling experience in itself. Bringing it out through my words is just an added bonus.

When I decided to journey into the heart of Converse’s Connect With The Unexpected campaign, I was almost certain it would be a thrilling journey into the depths of music collaboration, little did I know that I would get to speak to young artists from all over India who make music for the love of it.

These 8 artists, strangers to each other, have one thing in common: the love for their art. What sets them apart is their distinct music styles and unique backgrounds. Being paired with another artist to create a uniquely collaborative track may have come as a pleasant challenge but now an invisible string will tie them together for years to come.

Each artist emerged from the experience with a profound sense of pride, having crafted a track that authentically reflects their individuality. Yet, alongside this personal achievement, they also carried with them unforgettable memories of the unexpected individuals they were paired with.

Krameri and Dhanji on their track: Express Ways

Krameri and Dhanji poured their hearts into their collaborative track, infusing it with personal experiences and cultural influences close to their hearts. Krameri, reflecting on her musical journey, shared, “Art is only a reflection of us, our life and our unique perspective.” She drew from her background in Hindustani classical music, expressing, “I have sung my improvisation of a song that I learned from my Hindustani classical teacher.”


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One memorable moment for both artists was the transition in the track, with Krameri noting, “My favourite part would be the transition between the end of my vocals and where Dhanji’s part starts.” Dhanji added, “It’s our moment,” likening it to the long build-ups in old RD Burman songs.

The journey wasn’t without its challenges. Initially, they considered incorporating a garba beat, but as Krameri recalled, “We felt like that would be too obvious.” Instead, they stayed true to themselves, allowing their journeys to guide the composition.

Looking forward, they hope their track resonates with listeners, with Krameri expressing, “It embodies creative exploration… it stands for being authentic for self-discovery.” Dhanji echoed this sentiment: “You’re getting the real raw. How are we feeling?” They both emphasised the importance of authenticity and connection in their music, aiming to touch listeners on a deeply personal level.

Aksomaniac and The Siege on their track: Her Vacation

As I sat down to speak with these two remarkable artists about the creation of their track, it felt like catching up with old friends who share a unique camaraderie. There was an undeniable ease in their conversation, a sense of comfort in knowing that each had the other’s back. It was as if they were two peas in a pod, often teasing and bantering with one another.


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Navigating the merging of their individual experiences into a cohesive narrative within the song came naturally to Aksomaniac, who shared, “It’s always been a very personal, journal-y type of activity for me.” 

The title Her Vacation held significance for both Aksomaniac and The Siege, with Aksomaniac explaining, “It’s her absence from my life…So it’s her vacation that way.” Despite the song’s sombre themes, the title added a layer of humour and engagement when shared with audiences, contributing to the unique storytelling and emotional resonance of the track.

Navigating the creation of Her Vacation wasn’t without its hurdles, as The Siege recounts the challenge of adapting to unfamiliar production styles: “The initial arrangement of this song didn’t have drums for a long time.” 

At its core, “Her Vacation” serves as a testament to the transformative power of music, inviting listeners to shed their inhibitions and embrace vulnerability. Aksomaniac’s urging to “take the cool guy mask away and just try to find power and just be open about things,” resonates as a call to authenticity in a world often dominated by superficiality.

For both artists, music transcends mere expression—it becomes a lifeline. The Siege beautifully articulates this sentiment, confessing, “Music makes me feel like a real superhero,” capturing the profound impact of music as a source of solace and connection.

Bagi Munda and Pho on their track: Huliya

When asked about the collaborative process, Pho explained, “We had a lot of freedom while working on this… to give out something that people understand. It was effortless. Bagi and I had the chance to write about our own journeys which is something I’ve never done as an artist.”

Bagi added his perspective, stating, “I usually aim to just leave the audience deep in thought and that’s what we did. This time, I wanted to take it one step further and leave one-liners that are left with a listener and Pho supported me in this.”

Reflecting on the challenges they faced, Bagi humorously remarked, “It was very hard to work with Pho.” However, they swiftly realised that their energies complemented each other perfectly, allowing them to work in sync. Bagi Munda praised Pho’s professionalism, noting, “Pho’s energy was the same as mine… She is very professional.” 


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Regarding their musical choices, Bagi Munda described their aim as an “old school vibe,” incorporating elements like a boom-bap beat and smooth drums. He added, “It’s a very good piece to listen to,” indicating their satisfaction with the final product.

On a last note, Bagi expressed his gratitude and thanked the Converse team for the opportunity. Pho jokingly added, “We never felt any pressure to stray away from our musical identity and I can positively say that my shoe rack feels too full now.” 

Karun and Nanku on their track: Capital

Karun, reflecting on their collaboration described their natural synergy in blending their individual styles, “We have been working together for six to eight years now so we know how we have to go about it. It’s just natural; it just comes to us.”

Discussing the influence of urban sounds on their track’s direction, Nanku noted, “The instrumental just sounds like Delhi; it sounds like the city” Karun added, “We had this instrumental with us for a while and then he played this and I’m like ‘oh yes this is going pretty well.'”

On balancing their unique approaches while collaborating, they emphasised (almost in harmony), “I think we complement each other very well. We understand each other’s writing so whenever we’re working with someone we both have this in us that we try to give our colours and the other person’s colours also in the song.”


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Regarding the significance of their song’s theme, they shared, “I think we have yet to be on that Delhi Darshan bus, so in this song, we are probably trying to take people around Delhi and look around the capital. It’s a magical city to us.”

Karun and Nanku humorously acknowledged that their biggest challenge during the collaboration was brainstorming. Karun added, “It happened very beautifully and if I had to do this with anyone else, I think it would have been very challenging.”

Furthermore, they expressed admiration for Krameri and Dhanji’s track, highlighting the uniqueness of their pairing. Nanku mentioned, “We were super excited to hear it because that pairing was very unique.”

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