The Artsy Adventurer: Siddharth Kerkar Chats About Collecting Art And Travel Experiences


His lineage boasts of prominent names in the art world, and while what he does might seem a departure, Siddharth Kerkar always knew he wanted to pursue a career fuelled with creativity. Quite early, he was drawn to conceptual and abstract artworks. Kerkar was exposed to art at an early age and had already been to the Venice Biennale three times and had visited several galleries and museums across the world with his artist father by the age of 18. Being a Central Saint Martins alum, he has already showcase his work at galleries in India and overseas.

He is also the originator of the Goa Affordable Art Fest, India’s largest affordable art festival. Kerkar enjoys working with found objects and infusing them with new ideas, thoughts, and shapes. He is at the forefront of highlighting artistic freedom through his art, such as making videos, clicking pictures, painting, designing restaurant spaces, and even designing his own clothes. He’s a wanderer at heart, unencumbered by mere practicalities, and he is at place in a vintage car taking in the scenes of cobbled streets as he is in zipping around on a Vespa to capture the sights. ELLE sat down with him for a freewheeling chat to discuss all things art, travelling and Vespa.

ELLE: What inspired your traveling and art journey?

Siddharth Kerkar: Travelling, for me, is something I always enjoy. Ever since I was a kid, most of my travels used to be with my dad because he used to have exhibitions all around the world. He’s also an artist. So most of my travels were to accompany him on his travels in Europe. Then I used to go to Venice, which has the largest art exhibition in the world called the Venice Biennale. It is a biannual art event that happens. By the time I was 18, I had been there almost three times. So travelling was always a summer thing. I would look forward to travelling after school breaks, and I think it’s no different now. I’ve always travelled once in a while. I try to travel a few days every month.

ELLE: Do you have a dream destination where you would take your Vespa around on a ride?

SK: Vespa is pretty much iconic in places like Italy or Paris. I recently came across a reel of someone riding a Vespa around Amalfi Coast. So that, for me, is something where Vespa fits perfectly in that landscape.

ELLE: You’ve travelled to so many places around the world; do you have a Vespa memory where you drove a Vespa in some artsy lanes?

SK: Surprisingly, it’s Goa. There is the famous Parra road, or Fontainhas, which has all the coconut trees and around which there are lovely, colourful buildings. I think Vespa is a very well-designed bike; it has transcended time over the years. It’s been a very popular bike and scooter. I don’t see myself buying any other scooter ever. I’ve been riding a Vespa since the age of 16, and I’ve always only bought Vespas over the years.

ELLE: What are some of the best souvenirs you’ve brought back home from your travels?

SK: Most of it is art. I try to pick up art and jewellery everywhere I go. I also try to support smaller designers or artists as much as possible. Being an artist myself, I had a phase where I would create so many works, and a little bit of appreciation from tourists or whoever came in would mean a lot. So, I think I like to give back, and whatever small designers I find or homegrown brands, I try to pick up stuff from there.

ELLE: What are some of the best cultural moments you’ve experienced during your travels?

SK: I’m a big time foodie, and I love to go to restaurants and try different cuisines. My love for food made me start my own restaurants, and now I have two spaces I run. The first is the cocktail bar called Room One, and the second is a restaurant called Supper Goa, which is Burmese cuisine. I love food, and I have a lot of friends who are into food. So I’ve always loved trying out new cuisines and restaurants. So culturally, food is something I really like and try to enjoy.

ELLE: What are your future travel plans? And some tips for beginners travelling solo:

SK: Solo travel is something that everyone should do. I actually took a year off and did a lot of solo travelling before I started my course. I did one year of university, and then I took one year off. I think you meet a lot of new people. You learn a lot about yourself because you spend a lot of time with yourself. You learn to do things more efficiently, and you become less dependent on people. You have to push yourself, get out there, and meet people, and I think it’s something that everyone should do. Personally, I don’t like solo travel too much right now. I prefer going with a group of friends or partner, but I feel

ELLE: This or That

Group travel or solo travel?

SK: Group travel

Beaches or mountains?

SK: Beaches.

Adventure or relaxation?

SK: Adventure.

Planned trips or last-minute plans?

SK: Last-minute plans

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