The Coolest Nail Trends To Bookmark For Spring 2021

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Nail art has been one fad that we just can’t seem to get enough of. From funky graphic designs to pastel pops, nail art as a beauty and fashion staple has come a long way. Whether a party or not, you can always move around with an extra layer of glam as you glitz up your nails with the most fun trends and artwork options.

We’ve saved you all the browsing fuss and listed below the top nail art trends that we see shining this year.

1. Negative Space Nails

This trend was born during the lockdown and has quickly gained a lot of popularity ever since. With a very chic and stylish look, this trend is also extremely convenient since it allows you to extend the interval between your mani sessions because of the natural effect on the cuticle area even after your nail grows out.

2. Tie-Dye Nails


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The flamboyant nail art trend is just the right match for you if you’re looking for something youthful, colourful and most importantly, artistic. Wear live art on your nails with mesmerising tie-dye nail art that is as trendy as tie-dye clothes.

3. Pastel Nails

The soft and subdued yet bright-toned colours will leave very little room for any kind of boredom while not appearing to be too dramatic. Mix and match or go with just one colour!

4. Green Nails

Green is the colour of the season. With sage, lime, mint, olive and pistachio, you will soon find at least one person in your squad rocking these nails.

5. Colour-Blocking Nails

Colour blocking is fun, so why limit this style to just your outfits? Try bold colours to amp up the drama.

6. One-Colour Family Nails

This trend is quite simple yet offers so much space for experimenting. All you have to do is select a colour of your choice and then have each of your nails painted in a different shade of the same colour family.

7. Two Hands, Two Colours

This nail art is so basic yet so quirky in its own ways. The next time you’re confused between two colours, you know you don’t need to make a choice.

8. Pink French Manicure

Love a classic french manicure? Here’s a nail art trend that can add just the right amount of colour and charm to your basic French mani. Keep the nails simple, just the way you like and replace the white tips with some colour to get the summer vibes on point.

9. Animal Print Nails

Animal prints on nails is quite a fascinating trend, especially if you ever think of twinning it with your outfit. Whether a swirl design like this or on your entire nails – this trend will surely level up your nail art game.

10. Designer Nails

You can go all out with your craze and love for all things designer and luxury and wear it on your nails. A new entrant in the world of nail art, this seems to be one trend that many will swear by. From Supreme and Chanel to Dior and Louis Vuitton, you can get inspired by any of your favourite brand’s logo.

11. Graphic Nails 

Graphic nails have officially taken over as we march into this year. From aesthetically pleasing designs and colours to creative combinations and finishes, graphic nails is a different world in itself. If you’re in the mood to experiment and play with patterns, this one’s for you.

12. Nude & Neon Nails

You will instantly crush over this nail trend, all thanks to how refreshing and arresting it looks. Bringing the best contrast to the table, this trend strikes a perfect balance between subtle and cool. Grids, graphics and alternate nails are just some ways you can play with this trend.

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