7 Times The Crown Knocked It Out Of The Park In Recreating Princess Diana’s Outfits

The Crown

Emma Corrin and Elizabeth Debicki, both capable performers synonymous with the portrayal of Lady D in The Crown have deliciously resuscitated the late royal’s self-effacing éclat. She lives on, come rain or shine. Apart from the palpable prowess exhibited by their stagecraft, the meticulous attention to detail championed by those behind the scenes have made the show what it is, today.

Helmed by Emmy awardee Amy Roberts on the costume grounds, the sartorial blueprint has heavily borrowed from the real life happenings with a cent percent delivery rate in terms of execution. From acing the colour palettes to translating the olden charm found in those grainy official portraits, the on-set styling wins all the laurels in our humble opinion. Let’s glance through some of the most fabulous replications when it came to Princess Diana’s outfits on The Crown.

The Engagement Photo

The blue suit for the couple’s 1981 engagement picture was purchased by Lady Diana Spencer directly from Harrod’s departmental store. In addition to copying the couple’s posture and Lady Di’s blue outfit, Corrin also donned an exact duplicate of the future princess’ engagement ring.

The Wedding

The Crown

A gown made of ivory silk by David and Elizabeth Emanuel was worn by Princess Diana on July 29, 1981, in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, when she wed Prince Charles. The most striking aspect of the dress was its 25-foot train, the longest ever worn by a British woman. Costume designers for The Crown successfully imitated the towering train, billowing sleeves, and bow detailing of Princess Diana’s actual bridal gown.

Visit To The Brooklyn Academy of Music

The ensemble Princess Diana wore during a visit to New York City, which included a stop at the Brooklyn Academy of Music for its 1989 Royal Gala, was recreated in season four of The Crown. Everything down to the last detail, including the ornate embellishment on the panelled bustier to the singular pleat emerging out of the solid skirt was masterfully executed.

The Revenge Dress

Princess Diana

The asymmetric-hem little black dress by Greek designer Christina Stambolian and worn by Princess Diana in 1994 (the same evening that Prince Charles eventually came clean about cheating on her during their marriage), was imitated by Emmy-winning costume designer Amy Roberts for The Crown with permission from Stambolian.

The French Riviera Trip

The Crown

The late princess’s swimsuit was almost exactly like the one Debicki was spotted sporting on her French holiday. Diana first wore the now-famous Jantzen swimsuit with a leopard design when she went on a boat excursion with Dodi al-Fayed back in July 1997, just one month before their fatal car crash in the country.

The Purple Versace Moment

This lavender suit by Italian maison Versace was worn by Princess Diana to a meeting with the American Red Cross in Washington, D.C. Everything about her outfit, from the curved collar to the pearl embellishments, was perfectly imitated by the Netflix production’s wardrobe department.

The Bond Premiere

The Princess of Wales, who was still a royal fiancée at the time, was seen wearing a red gown for the 1981 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only’s premiere. In the show, Corrin wore an eerily similar dress coupled with a tiara and a necklace made of diamonds that looked identical to one that Princess Diana had.

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