The DNA Of Indian Fashion: Manish Malhotra


Every conversation with Manish Malhotra draws us to the genre-defining impact of the couturier, both on and off the big screen and on the runway. He effortlessly straddles contemporary elegance and timeless glamour for global relevance. The designer who has seamlessly woven fashion and films together through decades sheds light on his passion for the craft.

ELLE: How do you strike a balance between being distinctive and being marketable?

Manish Malhotra (MM): I believe in staying true to my unique vision while understanding the market’s pulse. One example of achieving this delicate balance was when I introduced the concept of ombré bridal wear through my recent collections and dressed the stunning Kiara Advani in one, complemented by our modern heirlooms of diamond jewellery. It created a sensation among brides-tobe. The marriage of contemporary elegance and timeless glamour strikes the perfect balance of uniqueness and market appeal.

ELLE: Tell us a bit about your recent collection.

MM: Our latest collection shines the spotlight on both brides and bridesmaids,offering a captivating interplay of bright colours for the bridesmaids that beautifully harmonise with the elegant neutrality of the brides adorned in ivory. We also unveiled our high jewellery collection, infusing modern heirlooms like diamonds and emeralds with a touch of sophistication.

ELLE: How do you stay true to your vision while delving into new categories?

MM: The approach is to celebrate traditions in a fresh, modern approach. This holds true whether I am introducing new codes of heirlooms through my diamond-studded high jewellery or launching inclusive beauty products that embrace diversity. I continuously strive to elevate my craft, intricately attending to every detail in each collection. Three decades into the industry, the one constant thing is – my love for what I do.

ELLE: Describe your experience in dressing famous Bollywood personalities over the decades.

MM: I think it’s the unique bond of trust that we have developed. They rely on me to understand their style, vision, and personality and to translate these elements into my designs. This trust is invaluable to me and is the cornerstone of my work in the film industry.

ELLE: What trends are dominating the Indian bridal wear market at the moment?

MM: I’ve noticed a delightful shift in my brides’ colour and jewellery preferences lately. Neutrals and ivory: Alanna Payday graced our designs in an alluring ivory ensemble, paired with classic diamond jewellery. Dramatic veils and trails: they exude an air of romance and elegance, completing the bride’s look with grandeur.

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