The DNA Of Indian Fashion: Punit Balana


Punit Balana has established a vast following among Indian consumers and his committed celebrity clientele over the years. His creations stand out for capturing the essence of classic beauty and old-world charm and merging it with a sense of modernism. The designer talks about his new collection and desire to preserve generational creative practices.

ELLE: Describe your label in three words.

Punit Balana (PB): Culture-inspired, modern, artistic.

ELLE: What do you think is the biggest challenge the Indian fashion industry’s facing at the moment?

PB: I would say it’s the dominance of fast fashion and the shift towards an image-centric, Instagram-driven culture. This shift has resulted in a diminishing focus on craftsmanship, fabric quality, and thoughtful silhouettes. Preserving the heritage of crafts and rekindling a deeper appreciation for the art of fashion creation is crucial for the industry to maintain its integrity and sustainable growth.

ELLE: Tell us about your most recent collection and the inspiration behind it.

PB: My latest collection, Utsav is inspired by the mesmerising Kalbelia dance form that originated in Rajasthan, India. It’s a beautiful and sensual dance that incorporates both regal and playful movements and has a rich history that’s deeply rooted in Indian culture. Our new collection is a celebration of life and movement, with voluminous layers of fabric, ruffles, and pleats all rendered in a rich, vibrant colour palette.

ELLE: What does the future look like for brand Punit Balana?

PB: The future looks exciting as we prepare to unveil an exclusive resort wear collection and also expand with new stores across India. We are also setting our sights on international runways, eager to showcase our distinct blend of Indian heritage and contemporary allure to a wider, global audience.

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