The Food We Wish We Could Eat From Iconic Shows & Movies


Don’t you wish you could instantly grab the appetising dish that you see on the screen? It makes you imagine the smell and taste just out of sight. And that’s what gets your tastebuds tingling! You forget about the existing food on your plate (sorry, mom). Whether it’s the salivating ratatouille from Ratatouille or scrumptious waffles from Gossip Girl, here’s a list of delicious food we wish we could grab from the screen STAT!

1. Ratatouille From Ratatouille 

Right from the way Remy prepares the dish to how he plates it (how can you forget that pour of the sauce?), and finally presents it to food critic Anton Ego, we start salivating. The icing on the cake though is Ego’s reaction–just one bite into it and he’s taken on a trip down memory lane to one of the meals his mother cooked for him as a child. A dish that gives such a strong nostalgic connection–now who wouldn’t want that?

2. Cheesecake From FRIENDS

This dessert is so iconic (besides Rachel’s Trifle) that there’s a whole episode around it aka ‘The One With All The Cheesecake.’ Chandler and Rachel can’t seem to resist eating the neighbour’s cheesecake and we wish we could get a slice of it too…until it drops on the floor. But this didn’t stop them from relishing the cake even then. #NoJudgement.

3. Waffles From Gossip Girl

True that Gossip Girl is known for the iconic fashion but have you noticed that waffles have been the common food choice among the Upper Eastsiders? And they look so good! We don’t blame you if you crave them (besides the hot dudes).

4. The Turkish Delight From Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe 

Our parents told us to neither talk nor accept anything from strangers. But if a witch from Narnia gives you a Turkish Delight that looks this yum, how can one say no? Raise your hand if you wish you could get a bite of this sweet too!

5. Butterbeer From Harry Potter  

The HP universe has introduced us to multiple innovative dishes like Hagrid’s Rock Cakes, Acid Pops, and Chocolate Frogs but our favourite is the Butterbeer. Unlike a traditional beer, which is consumed chilled, this one is a warm and fuzzy comfort drink best suited for winter days. The mere idea of drinking it is so fascinating!

6. Spaghetti From Lady And The Tramp 

We’re like Joey when it comes to food–we don’t like sharing it. But the iconic scene that sees two dogs slurping up pasta changed our minds. Not only have we felt like eating this spaghetti but also dreamed of the same romantic moment.

7. Boeuf Bourguignon from Julie & Julia 

Writer and director Nora Ephron loves food, and you can see her passion through the scrumptious scenes in Julie & Julia. The film ultimately leads to Julie wanting to recreate Julia Child’s iconic Beef Bourguignon, and it looks splendid. Join the club if you Googled the recipe of this dish right after watching this film!

8. Mint Sorbet From The Princess Diaries

Remember the first time Mia attends the state dinner with her grandma aka the Queen and royalty from other nations? Yup, the one with many embarrassing moments. The Mint Sorbet is actually served as a palate cleanser. Unknowingly, Mia has a large bite of it thinking it’s just ice cream and she has a brain freeze! TBH, we wouldn’t have known either. Plus its colour makes it so tempting that you can’t help but take a large scoop of it.

9. Pizza From Eat Pray Love

We agree, Julia. We don’t mind being in a relationship with a pizza too–definitely more satisfying than our ex.

10. Ladurée Macarons From Mary Antoinette 

Who else wanted to simply grab those confectionaries, especially the macarons from Mary Antoinette? Our sweet tooth craved for these colourful desserts lavishly spread on the table.

11. Everything From Luke’s Diner in Gilmore Girls 

Lorelai and Rory made sure that we too fall in love with Luke’s Diner. There have been a number of times we’ve wanted to share the table with them while they sipped on warm coffee or dug into burgers and fries.

12. Spinach From Popeye 

I’ve never liked spinach but Popeye makes it look appealing. Again, sorry, mom!

13. Dumplings From Kungfu Panda 

Po from Kungfu Panda makes us want to stuff our mouth with dumplings every time we see him eat them–they’ve never looked this enticing!

14. Cereal From Seinfeld

Cereal makes an appearance at least once a show, and Jerry’s gotten around to even picking updates in the cereal aisle. Now that’s a skill we wouldn’t mind seeing live in action.

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