The Instagram API Is a New Way of Engaging With Customers, and Here’s How It May Benefit Retailers

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During the lockdown, a new fad of homegrown businesses gained traction, and a big number of people – young and old, used Instagram to launch their own small businesses. If you’re one of them or have had an online business, you’re well aware of how tricky it can get to keep track of your messages and comments on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and others. It’s a mucky procedure, and dealing with clients, which should be enjoyable, turns into a nightmare.

Luckily for you, we have a hassle free solution for you to navigate through all your dms and manage customer relationships without any worries. One word – 

Founded in the Netherlands,, cloud software provider for conversational commerce, has tirelessly provided software solutions facilitating superior customer experience to thousands of global businesses. It is a company that links people and businesses through telecom operators, global payment providers, and messaging channels by offering cloud-based conversational commerce services via API.

What is an API you ask?

Application Programming Interface (API)s, in their most basic form, simply allow applications or websites to communicate with one another by sending data back and forth. 

Having meaningful conversations with clients on Instagram is a fantastic way for businesses, large and small, to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. Consequently, Businesses can use the API to their advantage in order to manage and scale their Instagram discussions with their customers while cultivating more genuine relationships, all with the help of a single platform.

What does facilitates worldwide brands and organisations to engage with its customers in the most effective way possible through its platform. APIs and Web apps are available for its solutions.

SMS, Conversational channels (e.g. WhatsApp Business Solution, Apple Business Chat, RCS, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and the most recent addition, Instagram Messaging), Voice API, and SIP are some of the messaging and voice solutions offered by These communications channels can be used in conjunction with cloud platform capabilities such as ticketing, eSignature, Mobile Service Cloud, Mobile Marketing Cloud, Mobile Commerce Cloud and Customer Data Platform. Hence, you will not be shocked to learn that its services and products are used all over the world.

How can the retail industry benefit from

Other than just facebook messenger or whatsapp messaging, businesses can also now integrate Instagram Messaging into their workflows and tools all thanks to the new functionality and the expanded features of the API platform. Through flexible routes like stories, public comments, direct messages, and mentions, Instagram Messaging has already been playing a key role in helping customers connect with brands in more exclusive and intimate ways, now more than ever.This way, customers can have filter free, private and tailored conversations with businesses, making it more trustworthy and convenient.

Picture this : In the same platform, multiple functions can be implemented across multiple channels. A dream come true for most of us who have been spending long hours each day personally responding to a plethora of messages across different channels. A great tool indeed.

Customers of can use Instagram Messaging to provide a seamless, rich, and dynamic experience for their customers, allowing them to start and continue a conversation whenever it is convenient for them. This carves out more room to engage in substantive conversations and achieve their main goal – customer contentment and happiness, while also boosting sales. Because of the additional integration possibilities, such as Instagram, it certainly is the whole package.

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