The Mega Evolution of Eyebrows Over A Century

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Eyebrows can make or break the definition and frame of your face, and thereby, the obsession with eyebrows on fleek is crystal clear. From scanty and fine eyebrows to fuller bushy brows, the variations and modifications have been dynamic. 

Here’s a summary of the shifting eyebrow trends over the years.


Eyebrows in the 1920s can be described as a little thinner than natural. Simple and sophisticated, thin brows drawn in a manner that looked almost natural was the eyebrow trend of the decade. Make a note of how the brows were elongated beyond the eye shape.


Brows got even thinner in the 30s, and women sported an evident round arch that looks artsy, as seen on Jean Harlow. The brows were pencil-drawn (clearly), and at times, women shaved off their natural hair to draw a shape that suited their liking.


The eyebrow trend went back to more natural with slightly thicker styles. A graceful and dainty look was preferred, which encouraged retaining natural brow hairs and ditching product until necessary. The look gave a soft definition to the face, and Joan Crawford is proof!


As trendsetters and rule-breakers like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn rose in the 1950s, beauty choices saw a shift. Besides bold red lips and unique hairdos, brows took a complete turn in this decade. Thick and bold eyebrows with a sharp arch were the go-to brow look of this era.


If not as dramatic as the glamorous Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra, eyebrows in the 60s were definitely nothing but thick and defined. An extension to the 50s trend, precisely drawn brows for a solid look, was the most preferred choice of brows.


The 1970s saw an extreme change in the brow game and went back to thin arched brows with the emergence of the disco era. Crisply shaped and plucked brows that were only drawn to darken the fine shape was the most observed eyebrow trend.


Juggling brow styles, the 1980s saw yet another shift in the brow trend and welcomed back the bushy and fluffy brows. With very little or no stress upon shaped or tweezed brows, it was the season to flaunt the natural hairs and only deepen the appearance for a fuller look.


The ’90s bid adieu to the unshaped bushy style and thinly defined brows made a huge comeback. Not as fine as the 70s, but surely a lot more groomed and neatly shaped, like that of Kate Winslet, which looked slender and reflected effort and work. 


You must have already understood the eyebrow scene in the 2000s after seeing the beautiful Angelina Jolie. Carrying forward the trend of the 90s, well-defined brows with a sleek tail were opted by most women, and some even went for shorter eyebrows.


 This decade made way for ‘Instagram brows’ that successfully created a fan base of its own. Thick, overdrawn and well-shaped and in-your-face (with definition, of course) is how we’d like to describe the trend. From pencils to pomades, tints to mascaras—the brow makeup vertical expanded considerably.


With close to a year and a half in this decade, we can already tell you that we’re loving how beauty is swiftly shifting to do your thing. With a bunch of techniques and styles, one can choose what suits their face and liking best. However, the soap brow trend has to be our personal favorite. This look can be easily achieved using a clear soap bar and spoolie to brush and accentuate your natural brows. Honestly we’re all about flaunting that bushiness! 


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