The New Era Of Galaxy AI Will Hit Reset On Smartphone Norms


Life was all right before, but now? It’s like trying to remember the days when phones were just for calling – a distant memory of tech’s Jurassic era. Enter the new rockstar in town – AI. Yeah, the cool kid that just moved into the neighbourhood, and suddenly, life feels a bit like a sci-fi movie. But this is where the plot thickens. 

While the tech world keeps its gaze fixed on AI, it’s like we’ve been waiting for the encore, and the best benefits haven’t even hit mobile technology yet. And if you think you’re already getting the best of it now, you would want to reconsider. Reason? Simple, Samsung just dropped the mic with their latest innovation – the all-new Samsung Galaxy AI.

Save the date that will redefine the world of smartphones forever – January 17th. Tune in live at 11:30 PM IST on for their first Unpacked event of this year, which is all set to introduce the unprecedented Galaxy AI. It’s special because this year, AI is the theme – and Samsung is ready to show its hand. 

More than a device upgrade…

Back in the golden era, Galaxy made internet access a right for all and turned cameras into our communication lifelines, those were the days, right?! Now the sequel is here – Galaxy AI is bringing the future into the palm of your hand, rewriting the rulebook on what your smartphone can truly achieve. We’re talking about a tech evolution that’s not just a leap but a quantum leap into the extraordinary.

This is not your average tech upgrade or a new shiny feature; it’s about forging real connections and pushing the boundaries of what your phone can do. They have fused Samsung’s on-device AI prowess with cloud-based wizardry from the elites of the tech world. The result? A powerhouse combo breaking down communication barriers, supercharging productivity, and unleashing creativity without constraints. It’s not just AI; it’s quite literally the art of possibility.

Rewire your smartphone experience…

Unlocking the device’s potential is just the start; Galaxy masters the art of wielding those AI superpowers to level up your everyday existence. Think of it more as your digital wingman with a touch of genius. From simplifying social connections to turbocharging your productivity, Galaxy AI is like your own digital whisperer.

It goes without saying that, Galaxy AI is the ultimate guardian of your privacy, the keeper of secrets like no other. Samsung gets it, your personal data is like Fort Knox, and with on-device AI, consider your secrets locked up tight. Peace of mind is not optional. Backed by Samsung’s Gauss AI model, this smartest addition (yet) to the Galaxy family will be loaded with up-to-date language, image and code generators to help you not just witness but live the extraordinary.

Call dibs to get the best…

We usually have the inside scoop on most things but this time, we too will have to wait until January 17th to get up close and personal with the hotshot Galaxy AI. For those who want to stay a step ahead can pre-reserve and get benefits worth ₹5000. More details about its wonders will be dished out exclusively at the #SamsungUnpacked event streaming exclusively on and you bet we’re not skipping that! So, bookmark the link, block your calendars and maybe grab some popcorn while you’re at it; word is, the demo’s gonna be no less than a top-notch movie.

*Galaxy Unpacked event will be streaming live on 17th January 2024 at 11:30 PM IST and Pre-reserve now and get benefits worth Rs. 5000, only on

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