The New Gen E Star – Maybach


Karl Maybach once famously said, “What’s good has to be beautiful!” And we couldn’t agree more. Maybach drivers are said to be design lovers first before being petrolheads. That said, the Maybach driver is also a different breed of luxury consumer – as understated and subtle as it gets. What happens, then, when Mercedes-Maybach releases its first electric vehicle, marking its entry into the green foray? It makes big news!

Easily among the biggest announcements for the December-January period is the brand-new Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV. We absolutely love the imposing exteriors that feature the signature black panel with chrome strips, refined lines, a defined shoulder, chrome surrounds along the window and an overall high-gloss appearance. All in all, this car features the signature style of a Maybach, recognisable from afar, with the elements of Mercedes-Benz EVs incorporated. QUIET LUXURY The big question when it comes to a Maybach is – ‘Is this a driver’s car, or is this a passenger’s car?’ As much of an ardent driver as I am, I would have to concur that this is, without a doubt, a passenger’s car. The sense of ‘cocooning’ that one experiences in the backseat of this vehicle is unparalleled.

Quiet Luxury

The ride quality, the ultra-silent cabin, the customisation options, the ambient light, and so much more. The backseat experience of this Maybach ensures that each passenger enjoys an 11.6-inch display, which can play content and be used to control certain features like navigation and interior controls. As if that was not enough, the rear seat even comes with its own tablet that can be used to control features. We love that the EV tag is not limited to mere tokenism but extends to the interiors too. This is the first model from the Mercedes-Benz repertoire to incorporate sustainably processed leather.

The interiors are super chic, with natural wood accents as trims. The overall effect is one of minimalism and discreet luxury. While a driver might enjoy playing around with the drive modes like Sport, Eco, Off-road and Individual, there’s also the Maybach drive mode, which is designed for the comfort of the rear riders. DRIVE SMART It seems like self-opening and closing doors are the next big thing in luxe cars, and this one has a driver’s door that opens automatically as you approach the car and closes as soon as the driver is seated and steps on the brake pedal. The other doors can also be opened and closed at the touch of a button, activated via the MBUX interface.

Drive Smart

The Mercedes-Maybach EQS 680 SUV promises a range of up to 600 km on a single charge. It pumps out a power of 484 kW and a whopping 950 Nm of torque. It sprints from 0 to 100kmph in a mere 4.4 seconds (fabulous for a car this size) and attains a top speed of 210kmph. -While the car comes with a Burmester 4-D 15-speaker system, the driving sound can also be used as an acoustic experience. The special ‘Aerial Grace’ driving and engine sound can be played within the car and is designed specially for this electric model to recreate the sound of an engine. ASMR!

The MBUX Hyperscreen comprises three display screens – one in front of the passenger, one at the centre and one massive animated screen for the driver. This is a USP design that makes the driver and passenger feel ‘wrapped around’ in the cockpit-style cabin with the Hyperscreen. While we are familiar with the MBUX interface, this Maybach features an exclusive deep blue colour scheme and dedicated animations for the user interface, including the ‘Maybach mode’ on the instrument cluster.

The driver cluster can, of course, be customised, and I love the options – discreet, sporty and Maybach! Luxury is all about little touch points that make you feel safe, relaxed and cocooned. This SUV has its very own HEPA air purifying system, perfectly apt for the Indian city road conditions, while a special fragrance package was created for this car. No 12 MOOD Ebony is the fragrance that is spritzed through the cabin through the air conditioning vents to set the mood when you are being chauffeured around. So so luxe!

Read the full story on ELLE India’s new issue or download your digital copy via Magzter.

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