The Perfect Teas For You, Depending On Your Personality

If you’re like us, your solution to most problems is a steaming hot cup of tea. And you’re also constantly getting in fights with coffee lovers about which beverage is the best. While the jury is still out on that one, experiment with different types of teas — from chamomile to peppermint — at different times of the day. Brewing the right tea at the right time can soothe your body and mind.

We get tea blender Razi Khan (director, sales and marketing of Typhoo teas) to give you the low-down on which tea will suit you the best:

The Hyperactive Type

If you need to calm your senses and take a break, your best bet are herbs like chamomile, nettle, rose, spearmint and jasmine. “These herbs have inherent qualities to reduce blood sugar levels immediately. You’ll feel your heartbeat slow down as soon as the drink enters your system. If you’re having a tough day, you can have it in the middle of the afternoon, or at night,” he says.

The Creative Soul

Khan recommends a strong cup of Assam, Darjeeling or English breakfast tea in the morning to get you going. To stimulate your mind, a cup or two of ginger and ginseng will do the trick.

The Always Stressed Type

“When you’re stressed, your blood circulation is slow and you feel unnerved,” he says. To feel better, a cup of green tea is a good idea. You can add some honey to it if that’s your thing. Peppermint and nettle tea will also have a calming effect on your mind.

The Insomniac

To help you sleep better, go for a cup of chamomile, nettle rose, spearmint, fennel, or a combination of these before you hit the sack. “These herbs will help you improve your blood flow and relax,” says Khan. Drink these teas over a couple of months to see the difference.

The Fitness Enthusiast

If you need that little extra burst of energy to go another round on the cardio machine, your go-to beverage should be green tea. “It boosts your metabolism and your digestive system. It is high on anti-oxidants as well. You can have it as a post-food drink. But if you’re averse to caffeine, you should avoid it in the evenings,” Khan says.

Images Via Pexels

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