Here’s Why The Pink Elephant Hyderabad Deserves a Spot On Every Foodie’s Bucket List

The Pink Elephant

Hyderabad’s new luxe Indian eatery The Pink Elephant is a space that’s unabashedly-purely-entirely Indian. The spacious eatery is divided into the fountain courtyard, the monument room, elephant lounge, a luxurious private dining room and a private bar.

Helmed by Chef Mrigank on the culinary front, his in-depth knowledge on various cuisines, courtesy his well-travelled background translates seamlessly into the impeccably curated menu melding flavours from every part of India.

The Decor

The Pink Elephant

The restaurant’s interior is beautifully decorated in bright pink, fuchsia, and rose hues with four dining areas totalling 11,000 square feet, which share some design elements with the ethos of the place as a whole. The Elephant Lounge, which has two levels, is a terrific place to eat during the day and transforms into a great destination for drinking and dancing in the evening. The Courtyard’s high translucent ceiling, which soaks in the sunlight wonderfully as day gives way to night and the sky becomes starry, captures the passing of time. This is where you should go if you come in for some wine or high tea.

The Food

The Pink Elephant

Despite being a vegetarian, I almost contemplated switching sides for a hot minute once the South Indian seafood thali was presented. I managed to curb my cravings eventually, given the abundance of vegetarian options. The aubergine fries were a total knockout. Still dreaming of them from my place in Mumbai. Apart from the admirable plating, it was obvious that the flavours and attention to detail was a respectful celebration and an ode to the diverse and exotic flavours of India.

Some of the menu’s standout dishes as per the chef include the bold, flavourful royal Rajasthani family’s mutton plate, the kormas and musallams, and the exquisite flavours of Kashmir’s Wazwan. The Hyderabadi Bar Platter, which features a variety of flavours of Hyderabadi classics like Majestic Chicken, Andhra-style Fish Fry, Loose Prawns, Chicken 65, and Pepper Chicken Lollipop is one of the signature plates at the restaurant.

The Bar

The Pink Elephant

Featuring a well-stocked bar that’s traditionally modern and entertaining, their alcoholic repertoire is replete with silky Japanese Single Malt and Indian-distilled Gins. Cocktails with a focus on technique and non-alcoholic drinks made using local ingredients harmonise the entire menu well.

PS: We wholeheartedly recommend you try ‘The Blooming Valley’ upon your visit to The Pink Elephant Hyderabad. Your palate will thank you. And the berry-infused Sangria is a classic you better not miss.

The Verdict

The Pink Elephant

With a yearning to highlight the rustic sophistication of Indian cuisine, the nuanced and intricate flavours make it a pleasant experience for every diner at The Pink Elephant. Be it the khurja crockery, the truck-like DJ console or the picturesque lineup of mini elephants stationed close to the entry, the holistic experience is bound to entice even the most discerning of the lot.

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