The Skincare Habit No One Talks About, According To Dr Howard Murad

At a time when dermatologist-created skincare brands are as popular as celebrity make-up lines and fragrances, Dr Howard Murad stands out as a true pioneer. The Los Angeles-based dermatologist is one of the first industry experts to create his own skincare line in 1989. Known for it’s clinically-researched, targeted solutions for acne, wrinkles and pigmentation, Murad skincare has become a mainstay on every skincare fanatic’s shelves.

As Murad skincare finally arrives in India on Nykaa, we talk to Dr Howard Murad about building a skincare routine and how wellness can influence healthy skin.

 ELLE: What is your skincare philosophy?

Dr Howard Murad: Skincare is healthcare. If we really understood that we would take better care of our skin. Everything is connected. For example, when you get a sunburn it doesn’t just burn your skin, it effects every organ and cell in your body–you might feel lethargic, nauseous, dehydrated, etc. When we look at your skin, it’s the mirror image of your whole life.

ELLE: What are the top 3 products you’d recommend to someone who has just been introduced to your brand?

DHM: I always recommend starting with a cleanser, treatment and moisturiser. The products within each of those categories will depend on the person’s skin type or needs. A few cult favourites include our Nutrient Charged Water Gel, Retinol Youth Renewal Serum and Clarifying Cleanser (best for those looking to treat breakouts).

ELLE: What’s a healthy skincare routine?

DHM: A truly healthy skincare routine is taking care of your entire body, or what I like to call the four pillars of wellness. The first is to eat your water (eat water-rich fruits and vegetables for sustained hydration), the second is to awaken your body (exercise and meditate), the third is be kind to your mind (minimise stress and prioritize yourself) and lastly, nourish your skin with topical treatments. Remember, everything is connected, so when you’re healthy so is your skin, and healthy is beautiful.

 ELLE: Hyperpigmentation is a big concern for Indians. What do you think triggers the issue and what can one do to keep it in check?

DHM: Hyperpigmentation occurs when your skin produces more pigment when your skin is stressed. This stress can be caused by UV rays, environmental factors, hormonal changes or many other factors. Number one rule of thumb is to use SPF (at least 30) every day even if you’re indoors. Ingesting antioxidants, such as water rich foods, will also help promote protection from the inside out.



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