There’s no stopping our September cover star Sara Ali Khan

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Sara Ali Khan, Bollywood’s newest belle on the block, is a picture of grace and sophistication. She talks to ELLE about her love of reading, the importance of family, and her vacation goals.

ELLE: Hi Sara! What’s your earliest childhood memory?

Sara Ali Khan: It was Rakhsha Bandhan and my brother was sitting on my lap. Just as I was really caught up in the moment and how adorable it was, he peed on me! I’ll never forget that.

ELLE: That’s hilarious. so, if we were to ask what “family” means to you…

SAK: Family is what you go home to. It’s where you learn how to eat, sleep and think. It is the foundation for everything in life.

ELLE: You’ve often said you’re a bookworm. Who is your favourite author?

SAK: I don’t have a favourite author, but I do immensely enjoy the works of the historian Michael Lynch.

ELLE: Okay, and what are you currently reading?

SAK: Simon Sebag Montefiore’s Written In History: Letters That Changed The World (2018).

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