These Lingerie Brands Should Be Your Go To When You Want Comfortable And Sexy Options

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Image courtesy: Hunkemoller, Victoria's Secret

Lingerie is sexy but you know what’s sexier? Confidence. And while confidence may take time and effort, buying lingerie, yeah, that’s way easier. Great-fitting lingerie is also what takes a good dress to a great dress and that’s not a hack, it’s something we all should know. Think of it like a sisterhood secret that’s passed down generations. If you are unsure because the options are aplenty, we have just the guide for you.

Victoria’s Secret

Sure the brand faced tremendous flak for objectifying women but it has long since pivoted to inclusive point of view that does not serve the male gaze. Marketing campaigns aside, the brand has been a wardrobe staple for women everywhere looking for sturdy yet comfortable support. Victoria’s Secret products come in attractive colours, sexy details and we are not going to fault that. 


Hunkemoller, a Dutch lingerie brand synonymous with elegance and femininity, firmly believes that sexy comes in all shapes. The brand is known for being inclusive but without the frumpy grandma vibe. So there’s big, bold colours, lace and sequins and plenty more, without compromising on support and quality. 


From an atelier based out of a barn in Southern Germany to a global brand with stores across the world, Triumph is most women’s go-to brand for great lingerie at a reasonable price. Triumph has had its presence in India for over 22 years. With a brand philosophy to provide quality and comfort- think underwired bras that do not stab you in the breast – Triumph offers everything from luxurious lingerie to lounge wear making an ideal one stop shop.



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Serving up a thoughtful curation of intimate wear, Sloggi offers the most comfortable and innovative body wear that’s meant to feel like it’s not there. We can finally leave the angry red marks from bra straps and cutting strings from underwear behind. Sloggi offers elevated basics in fun colours that go with practically everything you have. 

Nykd by Nykaa:


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Nykd by Nykaa pronounced “Nay-ked” should be on your radar for its incredibly cosy silhouettes and uber functional pieces. Nykd’s inventory  includes great bras, loungewear, shapewear, and even bra accessories offering a wide range of on-trend styles. We are dumping the boring and getting ready for a whole revamp which is going to include plenty of Nykd lingerie. 

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