This International Women’s Day, Celebrate Your True Self With Parcos’ #IAmEnough Campaign

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We live in a world defined by beauty filters, photoshopped bodies, airbrushed skin, and tiny waists, a distorted semblance of normalcy propagated by social media; we’ve glorified these unrealistic beauty standards for far too long, and it’s time to put an end to it! Even though society’s paradigm of what beauty should look like has progressed over the years, we’re not there yet! Today, the repute of beauty has certainly shifted from simply “looking good” to now a form of self-expression something that is empowering, artistic, and wholly about embracing who we are.


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Parcos has taken a stride in the right direction with their latest campaign #IAmEnough, which encapsulates the true ethos of a modern woman: she is unapologetically her, she is tough, she is real, and she adores herself without trying to conform to societal expectations. The campaign’s sole intent is to move our attention from unrealistic beauty standards to a journey of self-acceptance, transcending the concept of beauty into something fun and celebratory. This International Woman’s Day, be unapologetically you and celebrate yourself every day because #IAmEnough. Go update your beauty stash for this women’s day as Parcos is giving you the chance to get 10% off on one product and 15% off on two products, on minimum spend of Rs 5,000. T&C Apply. Shop here.

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