This Is How You Can Reduce Your Fashion Carbon Footprint


One of the least talked about things in the fashion industry is carbon footprint. More specifically, your own carbon footprint. Un-fun fact: Did you know that everyday fashion contributes to over 10% of all carbon emissions? With greenwashing becoming a common malpractice in the industry, it’s easy to forget about the *actual* environmental impact your wardrobe can have. In lieu of that, we did a little investigating, using LIVA’s ‘How green is your closet?’ quiz, and well, we were in for a shock.

If you want to up your closet’s green-game, you can start off by opting for sustainable fabrics. Your best bet is to opt for clothing that’s made with LIVA fabric, since it is derived from FSC® certified natural renewable resources, and the creation follows globally acceptable principles of Sustainable Forestry Management that ensure green cover and no harm to endangered forest. Plus, it’s easily available in the country.

Being sustainable doesn’t mean compromising on style either; while LIVA’s fabrics are nature-based, they are also breathable, comfortable, and drape beautifully to ensure you live your flow the most thoughtful way possible. And once you’re sorted with your clothing choices?

We say the next best thing to do, in order to ensure your closet gets greener is to reuse and recycle. Don’t be that person, who tosses out clothing after one wear. Reuse your clothing as much as you can, and if you feel like they’ve reached the point of no return, upcycle your clothes! There’s a ton of DIY inspo available, ranging from creating patchwork scarves to upcycled bags, that’ll ensure you get the most out of your clothing. Another pro-tip on creating a more sustainable closet is to bring down the number of times you wash your clothes; instead of incessantly wasting water for every wash, collect a bunch of your clothing and wash it together.

We know that sustainability means a lifestyle change, but it’s one that we’ll have to imbibe within ourselves to reduce our fashion footprint on the planet. Being fashionable in a more sustainable way is something that will only help in the long run, and we’re willing to commit to a better future. If you’re in the same boat as us, take the pledge on LIVA’s website to become thoughtfully fashionable today!

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