This UK Footwear Brand That Has Me Kissing Goodbye to Heels – Hello Style, Meet Comfort!

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Summer is just around the corner and my Pinterest board is already seeing an onslaught of travel outfit inspirations. I’m a firm believer of the saying, “Good shoes take you to good places,” which is why I always make sure that the footwear I choose to include in my travel bag is comfortable yet stylish. Whether you’re travelling to Goa or Europe, comfortable footwear will make sure your trip starts fun and stays fun. I can confidently say that my beach plans for the summer have the most comfortable toe-post sandals from FitFlop, a UK based footwear brand known for its commitment to comfort, style, and innovation. With their unique footbed technologies like MICROWOBBLEBOARD™ and IQUSHION™, Fitflop has completely changed the game of style and comfort.

Sneak Your Way In

Footwear that works with the body not against it, the Vitamin FF Knit sports sneakers are your perfect companion on the next overseas trip you take. These sports sneakers will protect your feet from strain all the while keeping up with any outfit you decide to flaunt.

Buckle Up For Fun

Whether it’s a beach get-away or a serene walk up a mountain trail, your feet will thank you for the cushioning these footwear will provide. The Gracie Rubber-buckle Leather Toe-post Sandals are going to be the most used footwear in your closet. Their slip-resistant rubber outsole have been made keeping in mind how clumsy we all get when we’re having fun.

Major Glow Up

I think we can all agree that a little glow goes a long way. With their IQUSHION™ technology, these glow-in-the-dark adjustable flip flops have been designed to cater to your feet. The surfing plans you’ve been procrastinating on need to come out of the dark with these glow in the dark flip flops. Adorned with sparkling micro-crystals, these are going be to your choice for beach, bar and beyond.

Sandals For Days

Featuring a trio of chunky resin stones, set in shiny metal cases and contrasted with delicate metallic circles, the Fino sandles make for a perfect footwear no matter the time of the day. With MICROWOBBLEBOARD™ technology, these sandals have been designed to make you look stylish in any terrain or environment.

Slides Are In

When an office day turns into a date night and you don’t have the time to choose between heels or sandals, go for the F-mode Leather Flatform Cross Slides. These sandals have been designed to fuse comfort and style together with their MICROWOBBLEBOARD™ footbed technology. The high quality leather makes for a sophisticated choice, turning a formal outfit into a stylish one.

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