Throwback to Jennifer Lopez’s Hit Songs From Early 2000s & The Iconic Fashion That Came With It

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Singer, actor, dancer and entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez has come a long way. Since her breakout in the late ‘90s, the Bronx native has not only delivered hit tracks that still have a place on the charts today but also made waves in Hollywood films, becoming an inspiration for her fellow Latinas while representing her culture. Today, the star also owns her own beauty brand, JLo beauty and has become a global icon.

As someone who has been a fan of JLo since the age of ten, how can I not talk about the celebrity’s music when she just entered the scene?! True Jennifer Lopez fans still jam to her blasts from the past because they’re timeless classics! And let’s not forget the iconic style that came along with her hit music videos, making her synonymous with early 2000s fashion.

Jenny From The Block (2002) 

This is one of the songs we’ve all blasted on a road trip with our girl gang. Starring her current and then-boyfriend Ben Affleck, Jenny From The Block exudes the star’s confidence and showcases that she would always stick to her roots no matter how famous she got. The old-school track has a major hip-hop style featuring cargo pants and a mesh tank top accessorised with a chunky belt, lace-up boots, and a knitted beanie.

Love Don’t Cost A Thing (2001)

Channelling the ultimate retro glam, we see JLo sporting gold chain necklaces, aviators,  high ponytails and spaghetti tops with low-rise pants. The catchy number is all about love and the frustration with the materialistic desires of a lover. The song became her first single to top the pop radio chart when it was released.

I’m Real ft. Ja Rule (2001)

We all went gaga over this song, but more than that, it’s the pink Juicy Couture tracksuit that caught everyone’s attention. Yup, JLo popularised the hooded velour jacket, and pants bedazzled with the brand name at the back and had everyone own a pair in the 2000s. The song featuring Ja Rule was also famous because of the song itself and spent five weeks atop Billboard Top 100 in September 2001.

Get Right (2005)

The groovy song borrowing influence from jazz and punk has JLo bringing in energetic dance moves that she can replicate even today during her live shows (major queen alert!) And of course, you can’t ignore the stylish ensembles featured by the multiple characters she plays in the video—Von Dutch trucker hats, leather tights paired with a midriff-exposing crop top and bolero jacket with a faux fur hoodie, metallic pants and boots, big hoops and glossy lip shades.

All I Have (2002)

There was something about celebrities wearing fur caps back then, so it’s no surprise JLo’s All I Have video featured one too. Along with the headgear, her makeup became iconic: smokey eyes and frosty lips.

Ain’t It Funny (2001)

Taking pride in her Latina roots, Jenny donned a look inspired by a Spanish gypsy girl. Wrap skirts, billowy tops, layered tribal necklaces, an arm cuff and teased hair defined the bohemian style in the video.

Ain’t It Funny ft. Ja Rule, Cadillac Tah (2002) 

If you thought repurposing a scarf and turning it into a top is new, you’re highly mistaken. Jennifer pulled this off in her music video Ain’t It Funny’s remix back in 2002. The boho theme (which is also seen in the original song) gets a modern twist with a crop top and low-rise pants with tassel detailing. The hair and makeup was also a classic style—straight hair, sharp bangs and frosty makeup.

Play (2001)

Even if this track is played at a club today, we’d run to the dance floor in a jiffy and groove to the beats. But the most remarkable thing about the song is its video. It starts with the fierce Lopez strutting in a crop top and low-rise pants with a bucket hat (an accessory that finds its way on the runway till today). As it progresses, so does the style with corset-like tops, heels to knee-high boots, and silky tops.

Photographs: Pinterest, Instagram 

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