TikTok Make-up Hacks To Bookmark For The Party Season

Social media has a vault full of beauty secrets that several influencers, creators, and innovators continuously tap into. TikTok acts like a holy grail for individuals obsessed with ‘at home’ trends and DIY beauty hacks. Along with giving product recommendations and informing content consumers about tricks to look out for, TikTok influencers also highlight application techniques and how to navigate through skin conditions while using their hacks.

What Makes TikTok’s Content Relatable?

With raw and relatable content being dispersed on platforms like TikTok, there has been a steep rise in the sense of consumer awareness and acceptance as well. Raw footage with real skin concerns and glaring texture makes every skincare freak breathe a little easier. They’re not alone in having to deal with unconcealed and noticeable pores under foundation. Another word that aptly describes (good) content on TikTok is ‘viral’. Beauty hacks have the opportunity to reach individuals residing in every corner of the world if the platform’s algorithm is kind to them. So, what helps a few can help a million. Obviously, trying out skincare is a hack that requires a little more courage from your end; you need to run it by your dermatologist before it becomes a practice.

How did it all start?

One of the earliest trends to go viral on TikTok is the ‘soap brows’. A little bit of soap, water and a fine brow spoolie create a makeshift wax effect that enables a long-lasting smooth and sharp finish. From there on, the at-home beauty trends went rampant. From drugstore make-up brand alternatives to sock curls, there has been no stopping. This ‘people’s platform’ is the go-to guru for all things related to skincare and make-up.

A few make-up hacks from the platform that are definitely worth trying out are –

1. White Eyeliner Contour 

White to contour instead of highlight? Sounds strange, amirite? At the end of the day, contouring should solely be viewed as an optical illusion of sorts. So to highlight certain features using a different technique is definitely plausible. Use a white crayon kajal eyeliner in upward defined strokes on your cheekbones. Follow this up with a single line down your nose highlighting the bridge. This trick can achieve a look very similar to mainstream contouring. It’s all about knowing how to make signature features stand out on your face.

2. Four Dot Twinkle

Another technique that uses the wonders of white make-up products, this hack strategically places dots using white eyeliner symmetrically around the corners of your eye. One below the lid, one smack in the middle of your lid and brow, and one on each corner as well. Worth trying for all the newbies who don’t really like overly shadowed eyes; this small hack is definitely worth a shot.

3. Jade Roller Beauty Blender

TikTokers are continuously using make-up through the eyes of skincare, finding out tricks and tips that would satisfy both aspects of individuals’ everyday routine. A trick that has been garnering constant traction is one where you use a jade roller to apply foundation. If full coverage using a minimal product is something you’re looking for, this one is for you. This smooth application technique has been highly acclaimed by several regular make-up users.

4. Defined Eye Make-up


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What started out as something for the perfect winged eyeliner transcended into a defined sole shadow look. Use tapes at an angle on either side of the eyes for a defined winged liner. And with just a smudge of eyeshadow, the definition surpasses any trick we’ve witnessed. For a smoky shadow look, you can smudge the insides of your liner and leave the edges sharp for a faded-out look.

5. Brow Mapping


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Another trick that has been used by many in the past but gained popularity owing to TikTok, brow mapping using dots, has been shelling out a ton of symmetry. Use three dots and the reference of your nose to create a balance between the width of your eyebrows, the arch and the corner ends. Swearing by this, many make-up gurus have begun using this technique for a more refined finished look. For best results, we recommend using a brow pencil with a fine nib that will help you get uniformity during application.

6. Purple Blusher For Dusky Girls


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Gone are the days of pinching your cheeks till your eyes water, a natural blush that has been taking the Internet by storm (thank you, Rihanna) is alternating your pinks and corals for a purple finish. This trick has been highly acclaimed by various Gen Z TikTokers, and once Rihanna vouched for it, there was no stopping them. A side note–most of the individuals trying out this trend are using a cream blush, so it’s best to opt for one to perfectly recreate the hack.

7. Concealer Facelift


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Suppose cakey triangles under your eyes are a chore to blend out. In that case, there is a minimal concealer hack that can give your face an instant facelift. Use a light concealer to lift up your facial features – the corner of your eyes and mouth being lifted up, some depth added to your eyes and nose just subtly contoured for a slimmer look.

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