Timeless Design, Timeless Comfort: Birkenstock Releases Limited Edition Anniversary Collection


Bringing together functionality and comfort, Birkenstock is known for products that hype counterculture. The legendary shoe brand celebrates the release of their anniversary capsule collection for spring/summer 2023 by paying an homage to three of its design legends. With their distinctively linear, utilitarian designs and unique Birkenstock footbeds the Madrid, Arizona, and Gizeh are worn by millions of people around the world.  Their distinctive outlines have become a brand’s trademark and symbols of a “natural gait”. Their “IT” pieces for the creative and fashion industry is a representation of nonconformist subculture, and faithful friends to a variety of specialized professions. To mark the 60th, 50th, and 40th anniversaries of the Madrid, Arizona, and Gizeh respectively, Birkenstock is bringing back the original models as part of a limited-edition capsule collection.

The Birkenstock Footbed

When it comes to the comfortable footwear, there’s no other name that comes to mind other than Birkenstock. The iconic Madrid, Arizona and Gizeh have one thing in common – the original footbed, the core of the Birkenstock product concept. Its anatomical shape is the consequence of Karl Birkenstock’s unwavering desire to enable a natural gait for everyone around the world and orthopedic expertise passed down from generation to another. The Birkenstock footbed is inspired by a natural footprint in the sand and therefore simulates walking on a soft, yielding surface.

Birkenstock has set up a limited collection featuring their models Madrid, Arizona, and Gizeh in eight colours. Each model is sold as a set with a pair of Birkenstock socks that have a retro appearance. The anniversary collection will be packed in a special box inspired by the Birkenstock archive.The BIRKENSTOCK anniversary collection is strictly limited according to each model’s year of birth – the MADRID will be available in an edition of 1,963 pairs, there will be 1,973 of the Arizona model, and the GIZEH batch will be capped at 1,983 pairs which will be available exclusively on www.birkenstock.in from May 11th 2023.

Madrid: The Mother Of All Footbed Sandals

Over the years MADRID has become the confident girl’s off-duty style, that exudes a sense of comfort and ease. One can always count on Birkenstocks to be the perfect choice with an easy going relaxed denim cut and solid t-shirt combination which can be worn in different ways. Easy to slip on, this is great for a coffee or supermarket run or a catch up with friends. 

Arizona: Everybody’s Favourite

The Arizona made its debut ten years after Madrid. Prior to the 200th anniversary of the Birkenstock family’s founding in 1973. This iconic model soon became a symbol of the 1970s American counterculture despite being initially only available in health food stores. Discovered by subcultures and innovators, The Arizona defies social conventions and stands for health and naturalness. The iconic Arizona has also served as the company’s introduction to the world of fashion by making its mark in the New York City runway 1993.  The classic Arizona is a versatile pair- easy to wear for a brunch, on a day date that involves perhaps a museum tour. A structural blazer, specifically one in neutrals, when paired with a simple denim fit is perfect to make a style statement. 

GIZEH: Rendevous With The World Of Fashion

In 1983, BIRKENSTOCK expanded its reach. With the Gizeh, Karl Birkenstock created from one of the earliest pairs of shoes ever made. While staying true to its clear and bold aesthetic he introduced the first thong sandal with an ergonomically curved toe bar. The Gizeh eventually debuted in five hues, including silver and gold for the first time in the business’s history, forging a bold new route in both fashion and sophisticated functionality. Wearing a ruffled dress or an easy fit co-ord set? Gizeh would be a great footwear choice to complete the look.

Birkenstock has worked with designers and other creative individuals throughout the years to give their products a high fashion twist. The stand-out collaborations include Dior, Staud, Manolo Blahnik, Valentino Garavani and Rick Owens.

The collection is available on www.birkenstock.in and the BIRKENSTOCK store in DLF Promenade Mall, New Delhi.

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