In Defence Of Our Favourite French Boy, Timothée Chalamet’s 7 Best Dressed Moments

Timothée Chalamet

What is it about Timothée Chalamet? The now 27 year old’s inescapable charm flows in abundance during his interviews, red carpet sightings & stellar acting chops & has thus, cemented a loyal fanbase globally. Barring John Mulaney, of course.

Sitting right atop the many things we adore about him, Timothée Chalamet’s distinctive style, rooted in experimentation trumps them all. Man’s got a flair exploring fresh cuts & even fresher, more audacious silhouettes which gives rigidly gendered clothing a run for its money. Toxic masculinity can take a backseat now, we reckon.

Let’s glance through some of our favourite style moments by the talented star.

1. Cuts & All

For the Italian premier of Bones and All, Timothée Chalamet was lensed in a sleeveless Saint Laurent top with a drape cascading down the neckline & his frequented signature leather pants. We love a good short-sleeved top moment for men, don’t we? Next up, Harry Styles.

2. Parisian Vibes

Custom-made for the actor, this white & blue suit was designed with a zero-deforestation viscose by conscious mind Stella McCartney. Emitting a very Parisian chic vibe, the interplay of the blue motifs over the milk toned base fabric has us all reminiscing of the pretty porcelain ceramics our mothers only let out for the top tier guests.

3. Lacy Dalliances

Timothée Chalamet’s got plenty spunk which is seamlessly reflected in his outings amidst the bigwigs. This look specifically caught our attention because A) Cropped blazers? Yes please. B) The sheer construction & fit of the Louis Vuitton blazer is off the charts. And Mr. Tim delivers, like always.

4. Fuchsia Fanaticism

Wearing a three-piece, unconventional suit by Stella McCartney, Mr. Chalamet was spotted attending the premiere of Les Filles Du Docteur March in December of 2019. Spotlight on the low neck, tunic-like undershirt as opposed to the usual button downs which are seen on most male celebrities. We love a well calibrated pink moment.

5. Smooth Like Butter

We know what you’re thinking, but let us stop you right there. This isn’t a uniform from the sets of Divergent but the muted sensibilities surely do transport us to the era when dystopian flicks reigned. Brownie points for the subtle half tuck, which enables us to have a peek at the pink suede belt.

6. Red Hot

Having donned a metallic red Haider Ackermann jumpsuit for the Venice International Film Festival, tabloids & fashion magazines sure had a field day drooling over this look. Owing to the halter neckline & a pristine back show, all bared, we encourage all men to take notes & amp up the IT factor when dressing for public engagements.

7. Chrome Caveat

Wearing Colombian-born French designer Haider Ackermann once again (& we’re not complaining), the Dune alum’s grey satin number easily tops the list as his best red carpet look till date. Flaunting his flirtatious locks in addition to the suave, sci-fi ‘esque make of the suit, his soft boy energy shines through effortlessly.

Images Via Getty & Pinterest

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