Tint Cosmetics Provides The Best Of Both Worlds With Skincare And Beauty

tint cosmetics

You might not say makeup and skincare in the same fashion but they do go hand in hand. With a recent trend of makeup infused with skincare benefits, the approach towards daily beauty practices has changed. One of the perks of having versatile makeup is that you get the dual benefit of skincare and makeup in one. With a rise in innovation-based beauty products, more homegrown brands are developing makeup products that are gentle on the skin.

With Tint cosmetics, the customers are provided with the opportunity to learn about this dual advantage. It gives a protective layer to ensure that the skin breathes well on the inside and the face dazzles on the outside. The brand focuses on crafting one product that’s multipurpose with different skincare benefits.

Founder of Tint cosmetics, Arshia Vijan quotes, “As a teen, I have always had acne-prone skin and I frequently used makeup to cover up, which only made my skin worse. That’s when I formulated my first lip gloss infused with ingredients beneficial to the skin such as vitamin E oil, grapeseed oil and rosewood oil. Currently, we have a range of lip glosses, lip stains, blushes, and a variety of bath and body products with the sole purpose of not only making one enhance their natural beauty but also make their skin feel nourished and hydrated.”

Being a homegrown brand, Tint prioritises inclusivity and diversity by being consistent not only in its product line but also with the people they cater to. With diversity as a core element, Tint aims to cater for people of all skin types, shades and gender. Making them one of the few brands in India to have a range of over 15 lip glosses as they want everyone to find their perfect ‘tint’.

Grab These For The Right Tint!

Peppermint Schnapps Lip Gloss


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It’s a clear gloss with a fresh minty scent that helps elevate your natural beauty but also has great benefits such as hydrating and nourishing your lips. They are non-sticky and bring shine and glimmer to your lips. The product is made with essential oils to give the look and help repair the lips at the same time. These miracle capsules are available in fifteen shades for every look of the day.

Plum Lip Stain

The creamy lip stains are highly pigmented and give a super soft, natural, and velvet finish. The lip stain is the go-to product for multiple uses at the same time. The product can be used as a lip stain, lipstick, blush and eye shadow with multiple benefits such as being transfer-proof and looking ever-fresh. It has multiple skincare-infused benefits due to the ingredients used to make them.

This product is available in four shades- plum ( It’s a best-seller), toast, cherry and buttercream. Something that has to be in your vanity today.

Magic Liner – Eyeliner

The Magic Eyeliner gives you a hassle-free wing in just seconds! It’s smudge-proof, long-lasting, waterproof and matte. It is a liner with 2 sides, one wing stamp and another felt tip liner to give you a quick, comfortable and confident wing. It gives you a perfect wing without you having to make any effort at all. Now making that perfect wing while on the passenger seat of your car, has never been easier!

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