How To Get Naturally Straight Hair For Valentine’s Day In 5 Minutes

For some of us, it’s been too long since we dressed up. Thanks to the love day around the corner, it doesn’t matter if you plan to go on an al fresco date night with your boo or sip chardonnay on the couch with a movie by yourself – you need a beauty look for the evening. But why spend all that precious time in getting ready, when there are tools available that help you speed up the process! 

If you’re contemplating hassle-free and quick beauty looks, your search ends here. Get ready with your lipstick, a mascara/eyeshadow, a blush on and the Philips Heated Straightening Brush in under 7 minutes. Yes, it’s that quick, really. 

Rouge It Up

Slap on a mild BB cream or foundation seamlessly in your skin with a blender, make sure you dab out any crease. Pick any red lip stain that’s a staple for your skin tone – be it blood, vine or a canary hue. For long-lasting and shiny stains, apply a little oil or lip balm on your lips before you begin. 

Catch The Eye

A mascara and single eye shadow combination can take less than 30 seconds. Pick a metallic silver liquid eye and black mascara to bring out the eyelashes. You can’t go wrong with a sublime metallic look if you keep the glitter light and blend it out evenly with a brush. 

Baby’s Got To Blush

Any pink tint will work flawlessly on your cheeks to complete the face. Pick your everyday blush on, smile in your mirror and apply from inside to the outside of your cheek in a few strokes. Add a little more to your brush if you’re going out because glam comes first. Oh and look, 2 minutes are over. 

Naturally Straight Hair To The Rescue  

Valentine's Day


What to do in the next 5 minutes? Here’s an early Valentine’s Day gift – use Philips Heated Straightening Brush and bid au revoir to a frizzy head. If you’re worried about heat damage to hair, then don’t. Philip’s SilkPro Care technology will ensure optimum heat temperature and allow you to pick between 170 degrees – 200 degrees while reducing friction to avoid breakage. The keratin-infused bristles of the brush will leave shiny, naturally straight hair. Et Voila! Your V-Day night look is au naturel. You’re welcome. 

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